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I'm really feeling it!
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The New "Mario Kart 8" Trailer Is Glorious!

Not sure if it's out everywhere, but it's at least live on Nintendo Portugal YouTube so here you go: Two glorious minutes of pure Wii U awesomeness!

I shall now go re-watch it once more, because that Rainbow Road is just glorious. But bad @$$ Shy Guy on the bike was what really made my day.


Shout out to the guys at Meus Jogos DS for the heads up.

PS: This entire trailer was made with "Mario Kart TV", the ingame replay mode that will allow you to share clips from races to all of your online friends.


*Omake* Shou out to Raw Meat Cowboy at GoNintendo for compiling tons of info.

- ShyGuy, Lakitu and Metal Mario confirmed as playable characters

- Piranha Plant and Boomerang revealed as new items- customization remains the same as it was in Mario Kart 7

- Mario Kart Stadium is the first track- this track will take you upside-down halfway through- ShyGuy Falls has you racing up/down waterfalls and flying across a chasm- bumping characters when in anti-grav mode gives you a spin speed boost

- Thwomp Ruins lets you drive up the walls or remain on the ground

- Twhomp Ruins also has a section with 3 different ways you can go, one with a hang glider short cut- You can also drive on the walls or through a watery portion in this same section- Toad's Turnpike from Mario Kart 64 returns

- this track now lets you drive up walls

- you can also find a car on the turnpike that has a ramp, which lets you launch off and open your hang glider

- Moo Moo Meadows returns and now takes place during sunrise

- Dry Dry Desert also returns, with fallen pillars and tracks in the sand made by your tires- this level also has a watery oasis you can drive through

- boomerang is a long-range weapon that takes out anything in its path both when first thrown and on the way back

- you can throw the boomerang 3 times

- Piranha Plant item grabs at racers/coins on the track

- each time it grabs out, you get pulled forward with a speed boost

- coin item returns, giving you two coins when you use it

- you can no longer collect an item to keep in reserve

- when you have any item in your possession, it takes up your item slot and blocks you from picking up any other item

- GamePad screen has map of course, other racer positions and the items they hold

- map is only available in a zoomed-out view

- three touch-screen icons: one for off-TV play, one for horn and an option to turn on motion controls

- motion controls don't force you into first-person mode, which seems to be gone completely

- rear view mirror option

- wiimote by itself, Wiimote/Nunchuk and Wii U Pro Controller options available

- DK Jungle returns

- power-sliding returns as well

- framerate is locked at 60 fps, even in two-player split-screen mode

- 32 courses in the final game

- no hands-on time for press with Battle Mode or Coin Runners

- when using anti-grav, the game uses an angled camera angle

- Water Park has underwater sections and an amusement park-themed gauntlet

- Cheep Cheep Beach returns, doesn't feature anti-grav, but has boost pads and ramps- Mario Circuit 4 has an elevated anti-gravity U-turn in one corner

- Donut Plains 3 has rain-soaked roads

- cannot use the GamePad screen as a separate screen for multiplayer races

- 4-player local multiplayer

- Twelve players can race online

- Mario Kart TV is a feature that will let you share brief highlight films on Miiverse

- Baby Peach and Baby Daisy return

- 720p

- each track features multiple pathways and routes

- features leaderboards

- at the end of each race, your best moments are saved and shown to you in a highlight reel

- these replays have special camera angles and editing

- the Lakitu Bros. follow you around track to film your actions

- Mushroom Cup includes Mario Kart Stadium, Water Park, Sweet Sweet Canyon and Thwomp Ruins

- driving over a blue marker at key points activates anti-grav

- Flower Cup has Mario Circuit, Toad Harbor, Twisted Mansion and Shy Guy Falls- first two retro cups are Shell and Banana trophies

- Shell has Moo Moo Meadows (Mario Kart Wii), Mario Circuit (Mario Kart Super Circuit), Cheep Cheep Beach (Mario Kart DS) and Toad's Turnpike (Mario Kart 64- Banana includes Dry Dry Desert (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!), Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart), Royal Raceway (Mario Kart 64) and DK Jungle (Mario Kart 7)

- 4-player is 30fps and a drop in visual fidelity

- the more coins you have, up to ten, the faster your kart will be

- Spiny blue shell goes along the ground

- the three banana trail now is a separate item of fruit to be used individually

- bikes no longer allow for wheelies

- stunts return

- characters now hold their next item in their hand

- Time Trials and Vs. Race return

- developers' main priority was creating interesting courses that encourage new and different ways of playing

- small characters can now bump into bigger ones while in anti-grav and still get a speed boost

- the devs were able to harness the power of the Wii U to get a 'huge polygon count

- this allowed the team to make multiple courses with 'undulating, moving surfaces

- character animations are now more detailed and involved than ever before

- Roy Koopa will fist pump when he launches an item

- Lemmy Koopa moves around erratically

- puddles mirror your tires as you splash through them

- resting flocks of birds scatter as you zoom past

- Sweet Sweet Canyon appears to be a glazed dessert road

- far smoother reset on the track when saved by Lakitu

- you can select parameters to generate your video at the end of a race

- parameters include clip length, specific characters for the camera to follow and a focus on key racing moments such as item use or stunt jumps

- rubber-band AI seems to have been done away with

- ATVs are also a vehicle option

- in anti-grav, if you fall off the track, Lakitu snags you and immediately returns you to the race

- POW block is gone

- Lightning Bolt is much rarer now

- triple mushrooms encircle your kart and can be grabbed by other players.

- 27 characters confirmed thus far, with more to be revealed: Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Yoshi,Bowser,Donkey Kong,Toad,Toadette,Koopa Troopa,Wario,Waluigi,Rosalina,Baby Mario,Baby Luigi,Baby Peach,Baby Daisy,Larry Koopa,Morton Koopa Jr.,Wendy O. Koopa,Iggy Koopa,Roy Koopa,Lemmy Koopa,Ludwig von Koopa,Metal Mario,Shy Guy,Lakitu.


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