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New to TAY (Talk Amongst Yourselves)? Press Start here! TAY is Kotaku’s reader-run community, centered around video games and geek culture. This guide covers some of the nuances of TAY, such as gaining authorship and posting etiquette. For Kinja newcomers, you may also want to check out some tips on how to use the platform.


I. I’m new! How can I get involved?

Welcome to TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES! Our daily Open Forum (10 AM Eastern), posted from Mondays to Fridays, is an excellent place to start and meet fellow members, so don’t be afraid to jump in! Forum moderators typically have topics to spark discussion, but you aren’t limited to that. Feel free to just stop in and say hello!


If you’d like to write an article or start a discussion of your own, check out the guide below.


TAY is the main portal for Kotaku’s reader sub-blog. Thus, we are working in the confines of Kinja’s blog format with its author and article structure. TAY (or main TAY as we call it) is generally for pieces that have some depth, create discussion, notify others about news or an event, or for general entertainment purposes. Only authors can post articles on TAY, but anybody can comment.


TAYCLASSIC, on the other hand, is the anything goes, unofficial open world space of TAY. Think of it as the “coffee lounge.” It is where new members can post their articles, and where anyone can come to take a load off or shoot the breeze.


From a technical standpoint, here’s the distinction between the two: TAYCLASSIC is not part of the TAY sub-blog/domain. It’s a Kinja tag, meaning some of the posts are on personal blogs. When making a post intended for only TAYCLASSIC, include the “TAYCLASSIC” tag in the appropriate field and post it to your personal blog. It will be displayed in Kinja searches. Unlike TAY, anybody can post and comment on TAYCLASSIC.

At that point, authors may choose to share your article to TAY. Once an admin thinks you’ve proven yourself, you’ll be granted authorship. You may not be granted authorship on your first try, but don’t let that discourage you!


III. Authorship and Posting Etiquette

Authorship does not mean you have to post a certain amount to keep your status. Authorship is just the official term for being able to post on any given Kinja blog. Don’t feel like you need to contribute a certain quality or quantity of articles. Post what you feel like posting, when you feel like it, and if you just want to hang out with your fellows TAY’ers, that’s fine too!


TAY is a fairly accepting community and is open to whatever ideas you might have. If you want to post your manifesto, “How Mario Kart Stole Mortal Kombat’s Acronym Schtick and WHY IT MATTERS”, go for it. Just make sure you follow the posting etiquette guidelines below.

Also, as an author, you have the power to share articles from other blogs to TAY!


Posting Etiquette

We’re not professionals, but organization and accountability is important. There’s also a chance your piece may get shared to Kotaku’s main page or in the daily TAY round-up, so it’s in your best interest to keep things neat and orderly.


Each person writes differently, but here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Capitalize the first letter of appropriate title words
  • Have a descriptive title
  • Make proper use of tags
  • Use a header image (the “perfect” width for a large image is 636px)
  • Avoid topic/content saturation: don’t report on the same exact news topic or beat a dead horse (poor Epona)
  • “Host your post”: participate with commentors on your articles, especially right after it’s published
  • “TAY PSA” articles are for admin announcements and community related posts only

IV. Best Practices

First and foremost: Don’t be a jerk. Plain and simple. TAY has a reputation of being a friendly and pleasant place. Anybody is welcome so long as they don’t make others feel uncomfortable.


Don’t be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. There’s no tolerance for that here.

Don’t insult people. We welcome and encourage a variety of opinions, but please discuss these opinions in a constructive manner.


If you ever feel uncomfortable, bullied, or harassed, please let an administrator know. This kind of behavior is not tolerated. For even more information, see some posting etiquette suggestions!

V. The Banhammer

As in any online community with at least a modicum of structure and moderation, we have measures in place for dealing with behavior that are out of line, or users who consistently pose an issue to other members. If an admin sees an obvious troll, banning is usually immediate.


For regular members and non-trolls, it’s a bit more nuanced. The “don’t be a jerk” rule is vague, but ultimately it’s the most useful guideline. Some people are sweethearts. Some like to curse at each other all in good fun. Others like to heatedly disagree and can go right back to being friendly. All these are iterations of not being an inherent jerk to others. TAY is not super strict and we understand that there are times when people will butt heads.

Banning or removal of authorship is rare, but when it does happen, it is very much on a case by case basis. These privileges will never be revoked without consideration and discussion amongst the admin team. In most cases, the offending person will be asked to cool off. If not, they will get a warning from an admin. As long as the warning is heeded, no further action will be required. If it is ignored, removal of authorship or banning will be considered. Authorship removal and banning will always be discussed among admins. To ensure that no one is unfairly punished in the heat of the moment, all admins are contacted and as many as are able to join in the discussion. Neither will happen in most cases unless there is a majority agreement.


These guidelines are, again, for most cases. There are words and behavior that are enough to bypass the warning and the majority vote. This includes, but is not limited to using slurs, racism, doxxing, posting pornographic material, or very personal insults or attacks.

This isn’t to say that someone who loses their posting or commenting privileges on TAY cannot get them back; however this is evaluated on a case by case basis.


VI. Spambots

Spambots exist on the internet everywhere in some capacity, and we occasionally receive a small share. Please report them to an admin.


VII. Administrators & how to get in ConTAYct with your peers

Kinja, unfortunately, doesn’t make use of a private messaging system, so we devised our own version in the form of the ConTAYct List and DirecTAYry. If you feel like you’ll be sticking around, make a post on your personal blog and tag it with “CONTAYCT LIST.”


A shortcut to finding someone’s ConTAYct page is to simply visit that user’s blog, then type in “/tag/ConTAYct-List” after the URL. If that user has a ConTAYct page, it will show up under this page.

GiantBoyDetective is the Chief Administrator of TAY and is joined by several of his peers in ensuring a peaceful and troll-free community. Other administrators are I_Kluge and Zarnyx. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of them, or comment below.


Thank you, and welcome! So wonderful to have you!

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