Two weeks ago, I wrote about my intent to make the best of traveling for work by, among other things, bringing the Nintendo Switch along as a travel companion. Last week, I performed said travel. But there is yet more to do, and very soon at that. Like, “I’m flying back out tomorrow morning” soon.

My original hope was to do a write-up of how the Switch factored into my Dallas trip shortly after getting back from it. To that end, I made sure to jot down plenty of notes all about that topic as the trip was going on. However, a couple of things—both for worse and for better—threw a wrench into those writing plans.

The thing that I didn’t mind so much was Sword Art Online having an eventful weekend that included Gun Gale Online getting some anime love, thus ending up being how I wanted to spend my writing energy for the week. Then there is the other thing spanning both this week and last week, which I did mind VERY much.

The work that warranted my travel has been all sorts of hellish. I’ve done this kind of work plenty of times; never has there been so much that went so wrong in a short period of time. Whatever complications that took place while I was out in Dallas on-site, I could accept, as dealing with whatever hardware and cabling-related stupidity comes up is basically half of the point of me traveling in the first place.


Things are then, in theory, supposed to be easy street once I have returned home with that phase of work being all done. “Supposed” being the key word here. What happened instead was even more stupidity that led to this past week at home—the single one I had before heading back out for more traveling—piling on a world of annoyances and headaches. This was far more difficult to accept, and more significantly draining in both mental and emotional aspects.

Thus, with all of that, I’m opting to punt that project farther down the line. Additionally considering my upcoming assignment next week in Sherman Oaks, California, which is being followed the immediate week after by another work trip—meaning even more opportunities to bring the Switch along and put it through far more of its paces—waiting before doing a proper evaluation seems wisest.


Before then, however, how was Dallas, and how did the Switch do in brief? First, despite the whole work-related part of the trip being total ass, my time in Dallas was pretty nice! I ate plenty of delicious food; commenter Multicultural Fruit Enthusiast, who lives in the area and kindly handed out plenty of recommendations, helped out A LOT where that was concerned. Holy fucking shit Wabi House (above) and Chicken Scratch (below) in particular.

I didn’t do much sight-seeing or other touristy stuff, but I did spend one night paying a visit to one of the Round 1 arcade locations nearby. It did quite a bit to expand my range of gaming experiences, for which I am quite thankful. I got to play some legit Tetris The Absolute The Grandmaster 2 and absolutely suck at it, so score one for the bucket list!


It was also my first time ever playing any anime fighters, specifically Arc System Works’ stuff via Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. I can now say for sure that they are a shit-ton of fun. Between my limited playtime with games from both series, though, BlazBlue clicked with me significantly more.

Part of it may be from just digging the dystopian-sci-fi-magic aesthetic more. Another part may be how it seems like the Injustice analogue to Guilty Gear’s Mortal Kombat, especially where the control scheme is concerned. But I suspect that a majority of it mostly likely comes from falling for a certain Noel Vermillion...



How about the Switch? Well, on account of how high-maintenance work turned out being, there wasn’t a whole lot of time where I exactly in the mood to play games. When I did want to, however, boy oh boy did it show up for the occasion. I was especially satisfied that it turned out to really be as easy to set up TV mode in the hotel room as I had hoped.


Though that very same fact also brought into focus how the “focus on games at the expense (at the moment, at least) of hosting any multimedia apps” may really be a major shortcoming after all. It surely would have been nice if this portable tablet that could so easily dock into a television display were able to play some YouTube or Crunchyroll.

And that’s about all that feels worth sharing at the moment. Ultimately, the fact that I am looking forward to bringing the Switch on my next couple of adventures should say it all in terms of how happy I’ve been with the experience so far. The next couple of weeks will tell whether or not that continues to be the case.