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The No One Can Know About This Podcast Is A Silly And Lovable Journey Through Final Fantasy

Illustration for article titled The iNo One Can Know About This /iPodcast Is A Silly And Lovable Journey Through iFinal Fantasy/i

No One Can Know About This: A Podcast Where We Play Every Final Fantasy is a podcast created by two friends where...they play through every Final Fantasy. They’ve been going through the main Final Fantasy series via the American release order for now. They’ve already done Final Fantasy for NES, Final Fantasy 2 (4) and Final Fantasy 3 (6) for SNES. Currently they’re on Final Fantasy 7 and the podcast is hopefully nowhere near its end.


Jeff and Ryan are old friends. One of them has extensive Final Fantasy experience and one has only played a bit of some newer ones. The structure of the podcast is they record themselves playing each game over very short periods of time (sometimes even doing 15+ straight hours without breaks) then later they go through the recordings, cut out all the excess, and edit in their own commentary.

It’s a pretty simple premise but it works really well. They clearly love the games and enjoy playing them and also making fun of them and all their glorious flaws. The jokes can get pretty dumb and juvenile, but to be fair if I played Final Fantasy for 15 straight hours with a friend I probably would only be able to make jokes about taking a dump also. Hearing them getting into strange discussions inspired by the games that are pseudo-philosophical only to hear them cut into their own conversations in the present asking “what the hell am I even talking about here? I am an idiot” never stops being entertaining.


The podcast brings back memories of marathoning JRPGs but also offers the viewpoint of being an adult and realizing how utterly ridiculous it is to play Final Fantasy all day.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy and want to hear two friends talk about chocobos, random encounters, confusingly translated dialogue, and awesome music, then this is the podcast for you. I’ve been entertained by every episode so far and it shows no real sign of slowing down. The podcast is available all regular podcast places and their website.

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