Today I’m going to attempt what no one else has managed- I’m going to predict what Nintendo’s plans are. The tricky part? I’ll try being right.

Hey, if Michael Pachter can make oodles of cold, hard CA$H from Wedbush every year while only being right 9.2274% of the time, I can do this.

I predicted Metal Gear Rising back in 2008. You don’t have to believe that though, those forums are lost. Stupid ass website...what were we...? Oh yeah!

The NeXt

That’s an echo, bee tee dubz.


So, these thoughts have been kicking around since 2012, when Project Cafe was officially unveiled. At the time I was like, “yeah, coffee sounds good”. When I found out it was the Wii U I was all, “oh...the Wii U...wait a second.

Then a new idea divekicked in when Nin-ty unveiled the new Nintendo Account plans. (My thoughts can be violent.)

I had a few theories on Nintendo’s future. Theories that strengthened when the NX was announced. Then, I read an article on Eurogamer:


Today, I read an interview with Nintendo’s new Prez (RIP, Iwata-Sama):

Now I have 3 split-kicking ideas of Nintendo’s future, which I will share. I’ll tell you at the end which one I think is likely to be’s #3. [aww shit, now you have no reason to read... :( ]


Option A

Nintendo Does “Gens” Different


When the Wii U released, I saw an opportunity for Nintendo. Here was a system only slightly beyond then-current systems. This meant that the 360/PS3 could have competed with similar second-screen capabilities (SmartGlass/Vita respectively) if they wanted, or just prolong their longevity by a year- ensuring XBO/PS4 released with great games.

“But wouldn’t Nintendo still have been screwed when the new consoles dropped?

Well, yeah. If Nintendo made 10yr consoles. But they don’t.

Since 2012, when the Wii U released and it’s specs came out, I’ve been saying it’s a 5yr console- I’m just cool like that. So was the Wii. This enables Nintendo to have cheaper components for a similar system as the competition, and release at a competitive price.


So that’s Option A, Nintendo releases a standard console with comparative specs, a competitive price point, and a shorter life.

Option 2

NX is Something Totally New


This thought came about recently. It was Spartan-kicked by an article about mobile games:

...and roundhouse kicked into form by this:


Nintendo Accounts across all platforms? Freebie items and games no matter what platform?

That’s when it hit me... It was a frisbee, and I decided to leave the park. At home with an ice pack, I realised something:

Nintendo’s newest system isn’t hardware... it’s software. NX is an OS platform. Think about it, what’s the best thing about Nintendo consoles? Nintendo games.


Nintendo made the Wii U because it foresaw the living room being filled with screens and thought the Wii U would be right at home. But it didn’t catch on like they expected. Now, instead of competing with tablets and phones, they embrace them.

Nobody wants The House of Mario to go all SEGA on us, but everyone wants Nintendo innovation and fun on mobile/PC/Etc. This is the perfect middle ground.


It also solves Nintendo’s biggest problem: Namely, online. Since online is the sole focus.

In 2016/17 when NX drops, there will be an update to Wii U and 3DS. Turn them on, and you’ll be part of NX. Which also explains why Nintendo constantly says they’re still “committed to the Wii U and bringing great experiences.

You’ll also have NX on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Anywhere you can access your account.


Hell, maybe we get a Nintendo Account app on PS4/XBO. Maybe even some games. (Probably just Miitomo)

It sounds completely left-field, but also totally Nintendo.


Option Ω

The Singularity


After I took some Alieve for all that head kicking my thoughts were doing, Shao Khan said, “Finish Him!” Suddenly, I was floored by a thought that flaming bicycle-kicked me to...uh, the floor.

What if both are true?

What if the NX is a new, physical console? What if it is also a new software platform.


Again, it seems like something only Nintendo would do. But it also makes sense.

Take the scenarios above, and mish ‘em together. All devices still run NX-OS. Wii U and 3DS still do their thing. But now we also have a “real” console as part of the ecosystem. New console, Wii U, 3DS, phones, tablets, computers- they all are NX.

Each system gets games tailored specifically for it, with bonuses, freebies, Amiibos, etc coming to all systems.


That’s my theory, anyway, and despite my $0yr salary, it’s as valid as Mr. Pachter. For all we know, NX is really Nintendo opening the floodgates on Virtual Console. What are your opinions, serious or otherwise?