I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I had an idea. We like buying stuff! Indeed, buying stuff stimulates the econimal. Hoarding money, like some special snowflake lassaiz faire types, hurts the econimal. We all want stuff, and some of us have money to buy stuff with.

So why not make a deal matchmaking service?! The idear is simple - post the things you are looking for, and people respond with deals they've seen from retailers around the country! Or in my case, since I'm doing a lot of work in Michigan, I can take advantage of deals from either Canada or the US by shipping to my home or hotel room.


For instance, here are some of the deals I've found for things I want:

- The Last of Us ($15 at Target)

- The Evil Within ($25 at Wal-mart)

- GPS with lifetime map updates ($50 refurb at The Source)

- Wolfenstein New Order (no deals yet)

- Xbox 360 (no deals yet)

Any takers? Post your wishlist below~

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