I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Official TAY Cookbook: Submissions

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Howdy Y’all love and best dishes! Did you know that it turns out many of you like to cook? Many of you also hate to cook! That’s OK either way I need your help to make our official Cookbook! Whaaaaaa


What we’re gonna do:

You: Gimme a Recipe in the format -

Recipe Title

Recipe Author

Difficulty Level (1 (easiest) - 4 (Jaques Pepin))

Recipe Ingredients



Recipe Instructions




Finished product picture if desired

Pairs well with: Video game, wine, beer, TAY person, whatever you want

Then I’ll compile all the recipes together into a format for everyone to peruse and use at their leisure. Again, doesn’t matter if your recipe is “hotdog sandwich” or “Roasted Quail and Truffle soup” all recipes are welcome.

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