I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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E3 is almost upon us. The holiest week of gaming news officially starts on Monday and this year the stakes are higher then ever. So come on in and hit us with your best E3 predictions!


Now, as we are the TAY, this whole thing is very laid back. I don't care what companies you focus on, what games you want to predict, or if you just want to guess how many times the crowd boos Microsoft off stage. Have at it! Here's my best guess.

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Nintendo: The only gaming company I really care about needs to bring their "A Game" this year if they want to pull people away from the new Sony and Microsoft machines. Here are my best guesses.

  • Smash Bros for Wii U will be shown (already confirmed). They will show only a select few characters, maybe seven total, and we'll get one big third party surprise (like when they unveiled Snake for Brawl). My guess is Mega Man or Pac-Man.
  • Mario Kart U will be shown and playable (already confirmed) and it will feature special two screen controls. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's going to be Mario Kart: Double Dash U!! and bring back the team up ability. Also off screen play will be big, and motion controls will be downplayed compared to the Mario Kart Wii reveal.
  • The new 3D Mario Nintendo has been talking about will be shown (already confirmed) and it will wither be Super Mario Galaxy 3 (sponsored by Samsung!) or a new title like Super Mario World U. Maybe they'll go U crazy and just tack it on. It will be playable and it will look stunning!
  • More deets on Wind Waker Reborn. I will cry tears of joy.
  • Retro Studios will reveal one of two things - a new side scrolling Metroid or a new Star Fox. I'm hoping for Star Fox. Hopefully it takes us back to the flying roots of the original and the 64 title.
  • Big N shows off all those upcoming 3DS games that we didn't see much of, like LoZ: Return to the Past (which is what it SHOULD be called), the new Yoshi's Island game, Mario and Luigi, etc. Maybe one big surprise title for the 3DS, perhaps a portable Pikmin or an F-Zero reboot.
  • We'll see the evolutions of the new stater Pokemon for X and Y and get a butt load of new info.
  • Not too sure on this one, but Nintendo may show off a new battery for the game pad that makes it last much longer. It would be nice to have.
  • Gamers will come away thinking Nintendo did a good job, has many good games coming out, but still needs to invest in new IPs. Unintelligent people will compare the specs of the Xbone and PS4 to the Wii U and proclaim it "For babies!" and "Not next gen!"
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  • The physical PS4 will be revealed.
  • Sony will announce a price point around $400
  • A few new exclusives will be announced or confirmed.
  • Sony will push the Vita, though not have much to announce for it. Maybe a surprise or two.
  • Launch date? Maybe. I'm calling November.
  • Gamers will come away thinking the PS4 is the way to go whe it comes to the next gen (assuming you don't love Ninty first party stuff like me) and will bash the Xbox One at every turn. Sony will "win" E3 in many's eyes.
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  • MS will try their best to stay away from all the bad aspects of the Xbone.
  • MS will attempt to get gamers back on their side by showing off new titles like Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, and a load of exclusive titles.
  • Rare will announce a new Banjo Kazooie title... that will be sadly Kinect focused and have a Nintendo Land feel. Possibly Killer Instinct as well.
  • No official launch date or price.
  • Gamers will come away feeling like the games look good, but that overall they don't want the One until MS clears up all the issues.

Those are my thoughts. what are yours? The more the merrier, so give us your two cents!

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