I'm really feeling it!

The Official TAY Secret Santa Reveal Thread!

It is upon us, TAY folk. The official day of gift opening. Have you opened your gift yet? You haven't?! Dive in.

Feel free to post your amazing gifts and take a stab at guessing who your Santa is. Also if you see someone post the gift you got them you should tell them it was you! After all I'm sure most of you did some serious snooping to find the gift that's just right.


What did I get, you ask? Why a rocking Captain Falcon T-shirt and limited edition, one-of-a-kind piece of art from Invading Duck! Thanks Ducky. You know me all too well :D

Note to Admins: Feel free to add pictures of peoples loot to this main article if you like. I will not have access to a computer for the vast majority of today, so I'm leaving it up to your discretion.

Special Note From TUT:

You guys are the best! It's a shame I couldn't participate this year, but you guys all totally rock regardless! Seriously, I just woke up like, five minutes ago, and I can't stop grinning as I go through the threads. Your cheeriness is contagious, and totally what the holidays are about, as cliche as that sounds ^^; So, uhm, yea . . . Happy holidays, everyone! \m/

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