Have you heard of this thing Tweeter? Am I saying it right? Tweeter?

No, but for reals guys and gals. Though some hate Twitter and it's constant barrage of status updates I think it would be a nice way to alert people to new articles, open forums, and our lovely TAY Classic. But this is more then a one man/woman job. I need some regulars who are willing to update it on a regular basis with me. I'm teaching or coaching for most of the average day (though I won't be soon because it's almost summer break!) so I can't always promote the TAY to the masses.

That being said, we need to decide on two main things.

1. A good handle

I've been thinking of names all day and my thought is that we need to keep it simple. Like @TAYblog or @KoTAYku


2. A picture

We either need an animal/mascot or a simple picture that says TAY. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a bear, but that's just because I love bears. Obviously it will appear small to most people, so keep that in mind.


Let the ideas flow forth.

EDIT: Also, if you think Twitter is a bad idea, feel free to express why you think so.