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The One and Only LAN Event I ever Attended

I don’t remember what year it was, but I was in the equivalent of high school. A bunch of guys banded together and organized a LAN event, one of these guys was a friend of mine. He told me about it, so I went and it sure was something else.

These guys went all out. They got sponsors from local business’, they were selling tickets, they got a venue at the world trade center, and they had tournaments going. Posters and stickers were all over the venue. But there weren’t any cosplayers, or there were and I repressed the memory.


Even though it was a two day event and I got some free KFC chicken, I don’t really remember doing all that much. There was one room with PCs and one room with consoles. I spent most of my time in the PC room playing multiplayer Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

At the time, I had the most experience with the game on the Xbox 360. So I didn’t do all that well, playing the game on PC. I did get a pretty decent kill streak once when I switched to a sniper rifle. But it was only after the event that I started playing COD 4 online on the PC and I got pretty good at it. I think back to how those guys were playing and man did they suck. If only I had the experience back then.

I remember, during play, something humorous happened and there was this one individual I did not know, who instead of laughing, loudly said: “Roflcopter”. No, I am not making this up. After I heard that I had the intense urge to burn down that entire building with everyone in it. But I let it slide after he never said it again.

Super Smash Bros Brawl had just been released and they had a tournament going. I remember a group of people being amazed by a guy who was using a coding language to make brackets. You have to understand that the population of this small Caribbean island were not known to be particularly computer savvy. I could ‘fix’ someones computer by looking up a solution on Google and I’d be dubbed a computer genius.


I saw the grand finals of the smash brawl tournament and thought: “This is ridiculous. It’s pretty obvious that this Meta Knight is the one who’s gonna win. He can fly for crying out loud.” Guess what? The Meta Knight player won.

After it was all said and done, it came to light that quite a profit was made with the event, despite a section of the organizers claiming earlier that they operated at a net loss. After they curiously started showing up at school in new shoes, the rest of the organizers condemned them and this would go down as the one and only event to ever be set up by students of this school.

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