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Hello people, Nach here! Your lovely host bringing always something interesting to talk about during The Graveyard Shift The Open Forum, this is an emergency broadcast, so there's not exactly a topic for tonight's shift, unless I think of one while I write this...


But first... here's a little roundup of today's posts:

UI's Neapolitan flavored ANI-TAY impressions. Pokemon, Watamote & Gundam Build Fighter! Whoops this was a really old draft haha so let me see if I found anything fun for today's round up!



Anyways let's talk about video game memories... for example I remember when I was a wee little boy, I went to my aunt's house and my older cousins where playing with a grey coloured box, and it had one cord coming out of the from that was attached to a parallelepiped-like thing, and on the TV there was this blocky man jumping and stomping on enemies... it looked so fun! So I decided to play some of it and managed to get to the first castle... and then...


I saw the devil! I dropped the controller and ran away!

Whoah this is my first emergency Open Forum... WOOF! Have a happy tuesday people... and well just talk among yourselves! YAY!

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