We've all been there. A new game is in our hands or downloading on a screen. And we feel that excitement. That wonder. That hope.

Then we proceed to play the hell out of that game.

Then something else happens.

It may take a few days, or months, or even years, but we start to notice the flaws. We start picking it apart. We start losing the feeling of fun.

[This is a post about Bravely Default. As such, there will be minor spoilers. I'll try to keep them to a minimum.]

I got Bravely Default the day after it came out. It was a new Square Enix RPG that some were touting as a Final Fantasy in all but name. How could I not own it? How could I not already be playing it?


That Saturday I started playing Bravely Default. Then I proceeded to play the hell out of it.


It was in Chapter 3 that things started going wrong. Here I am standing in front of a crystal, trying to awaken it, only to walk away. Then several hours and several pointless quests (A beauty contest? Are we really this shallow?) later, I'm in the same spot doing the exact same thing.

But I soldier on, although less some excitement and wonder. I end up awakening all the crystals, and suddenly a sidequest opens up: Vampire Castle. Who doesn't want to be a vampire? Let's do this thing!


Only, of course, it's not that simple. You have to beat a series of rather hard bosses to even enter the castle. And I couldn't beat any of them. I lost repeatedly. I leveled. I lost. I leveled. I lost. I got frustrated. I gave up and continued the story. Only to repeated lose to the next boss in the story line.

This is about the time I realized the importance of jobs in Bravely Default. The whole time I had been doing whatever I wanted, with whatever team I wanted. That wouldn't work anymore. Halfway through the game I was feeling pressured to change my whole strategy.


That was the breaking point for me. That was when it became too much.

For 2 weeks, I've barely turned on Bravely Default. This isn't a rage quit (like I'm so fond of). It's more a disappointment rest.


I'll come back to the game. I'll fall in love with the new strategies I've had to learn. I'll take down all the bosses!

But that day is not today.

And it's probably not tomorrow...

So have you ever gotten to a point in a game where you put it aside out of frustration? And if this sparked your own ideas, go to TAYClassic and let us know all about it!