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I'm really feeling it!

The Path to 100 Subscribers: The Challenge

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TAY has it’s own YouTube for you!

However TAY Gaming as the channel is called, has no unique URL. Why? Well YouTube doesn’t want just any Tom, Dick, or Jane streaming on their platform so until you have 100 subscribers you get http://gaming.youtube.com/baslkdfjwoeiru… (not a real URL don’t bother clicking).


What can you do to help?

  • Well if you haven’t already, click Subscribe (As a side note our very first subscriber was DisturbedShadow so kudos to that guy!)
  • Tell your friends to subscribe
  • If you know how to set up OBS/PS4/Vita/PC for streaming, write a guide. These are invaluable right now for people who may WANT to get involved but don’t know how.
  • MAKE CONTENT: This channel is not MY channel it is YOUR channel. If you don’t have the user/pass ask me on Discord or email me @ issiyo@gmail.com. I have a couple simple


  1. Try to keep it somewhere between PG-13 and R rated. Don’t drop the F bomb every two minutes it makes you sound awful and it’s uninteresting to listen to.
  2. No -isms. Sexism and Racism being the biggies but don’t go hating on us olds either
  3. Nomenclature stuff I’d like to try to adhere to but other than that no real rules on what can/cannot be uploaded. Basically for naming

TAY (video Type) : Game Name: Short descriptor

Ex. TAY Stream: EDF 4.1 Shadow of New Despair: Game Night Live Stream

Description: Furby, Novibear, and Spacegar take on the incoming hordes of Giant Insects while waxing philosophical about Skeleton Warriors, The Epicness of death, and how clever are the things Novibear says.


Video Types

Plays - Let’s plays. Edited videos of varying length showcasing gameplay

Streams - Livestreams of games

Watchlist - Compilation/Top 10/miscellanious videos

Guide - Video Guides

Review - Videos of You Reviewing a game. Quite Thrilling.

??? - feel free to add more if your video isn’t represented by the categories above.


So we need 100 subs. And if we get it by the end of January? I will grace all of you with a video of me prancersizing. Or if that doesn’t float your boat, maybe I’ll do the polar plunge in February. Or suggest something. I won’t do porn though. I got burned in that field before. smh.

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