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The Pixelympics are Coming (Updated with FAQ)

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10 Events.

10 weeks.

5 players per team.

1 team is victorious.

Summer 2014, TAY becomes a battlefield.

What is it?

Teams compete in various "events" to gain medals. Team with the most medals wins! Events so far are things like Speed Run, Roguelike Endurance Trials, Tournaments, and Exhibits of Creativity. This is not something that can be singlehandedly won by one person. You WILL need a team, so start thinking of four people (plus you) that you want on your team.


I May not be available! Can I still partake?

Yes! The idea is that one or two people from your team are needed each week. If you're not going to be around, then someone from your team will be. For this reason, try to come up with teams that are well rounded. If I make the ultimate DOTA 2 team, we might destroy one event, but fail every other event. But back to teams and availability.


To give people an idea, say for example, that the event for the week is, "Speed run game X." You will need someone who A. Has the system the game is on (I'm trying to keep it to the biggies here - PS3, Wii U, XBOX 360, and PC. Overlapping where I can (ie. Minecraft on PC, PS3, XBOX 360, for example)) B. Can speed run! Only one person needs to be able to do this. The rest of the team for that week is moral support. So if you're on the fence, get off it. Join. Deal with your availability as it comes up and rely on your team.

If I'm doing a speed run how do I keep it fair?

So since this is the olympics of gaming, it should be televised! Ideally we're going to want streaming. Someone will respond to me now and tell me a cheap capture card! Otherwise if you have a PC you can stream most anything on PC. Streaming is not COMPLETELY necessary but for some things you will be required to have a third party watch you complete the event. I trust you guys, but uh, I know some of us can get pretty competitive so we need someone to judge it. The good news is it's 2014. Pretty much every laptop in existence has a webcam, download Skype and voila! Easily verified.


We'll deal with those things as they come up, again. Don't let the lack of a capture card or webcam deter you. We're resourceful, it'll work.

Start thinking.

Because I'm head hunting as you read.

image artwork courtesy of JpSr388.

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