I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Back in 2017, then Overwatch superfan site (still?) and shipping consultant Kotaku put together their own playlist of tracks that Reaper mains might enjoy, titled Reaper_Bangerz. As a metal man myself and resident specter of these blogs, I gave it a spin, eager to add to my evergrowing collection of music I started a few years back. Here’s what they picked:


Lost Highway - Wo Fat
309 - Russian Circles
Serpent Cult - Earth Ship
Father’s Day - Big Business
Are You Fucking Kidding Me - Call of the Void
Divine Dictation - Magrudergrind
The Saddest Day - Converge
Thanks Be to You - This Good Robot
The Art of Dying - Gojira
Rise To Glory - Earth
Wake Up Drill II - Grails
III: The Will of One - The Protomen
Dopesmoker - Sleep
Human Target Practice - Hail the Sun
Checkerboards & Cigarettes - Megosh
La Tirania De La Tradicion - Omar Rodriguez Lopez


Inspired, I started forming my own curated playlist, but lost interest in it somewhere along the way. Cue to the present, I came across this article regarding the #EmbraceDeath slogan for Samurai Shodown (2019) and it rekindled my interest to pull this one back from the grave (pun definitely intended).


With that in mind, here are a few favorites of my own.

At Doom’s Gate - Mick Gordon

The Flesh And The Power It Holds - Death

The Agenda - Brendon Small

Creeping Death - Metallica

Pale Rider - Gamma Ray

The Silent Life - Rivers of Nihil

99 Ways to Die - Megadeth

Vengeance is Mine - Iced Earth

Ravenblack - Edguy

Crop Killer - Slugdge

The Spectre - Judas Priest

A Voice in the Dark - Blind Guardian

This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill) - Skeletonwitch

Cemetary Gates- Pantera

Bloodborne - Bloodborne

There are hundreds of songs that could have easily made this list (I’ve added quite a few new ones since 2017), but it’s impossible for me to cover them all in the short period of one evening, so that’s where you come in. Post your best Embrace Death playlist and keep headbanging!

This actually was my original playlist title back in 2017!

Okay one more....


Track: Book III Opening | Artist: Fire Emblem Heroes | Album: Fire Emblem Heroes

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