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The Pre-Dev Diaries: Chapter 0 (Tangible)

I’ve always had trouble getting out of first gear and pushing ideas that I swear can go the distance. There’s a plethora of reasons why the proverbial car rarely starts up but I’m not here to list them...They’re all just excuses mostly mired in fear and anxiety and today I want to see them in the rear view mirror.
Today, I want to floor it and introduce to you Project Raga, a potential game in the making that I’ve been developing for the last month through visual design.

This introduction is the first post of many, I hope, that’ll chronicle my journey of learning how to take ideas, pull them from my brain, and make them tangible. I want to have a timeline to be able to look back upon one day, and track failures and successes, for the memories and posterity.

Many of you know me as an artist, and as the days, months, and years pass, I find myself learning everyday and envisioning a future where work I’ve created can be something real...something tangible. I want to be known as a creator.


As a visual artist, I have the means to translate ideas into something we can all look at and share. A creator is someone who can excavate whole worlds into a variety of mediums, and that’s what I’m trying to do with this “game”, at which is currently without a formal name/title.

Thus, I can only introduce the characters, the world, and game play designs underneath a placeholder title: Project Raga!

Here are the two characters who you’ll be playing as in Project Raga:

Yamini (fox) and Mirza (jackal) are a married couple in their thirties whom you would control both as a single entity and separately one at a time when the situation calls for it. Project Raga would be a game in which stealth is actively rewarded and encouraged, where stages are puzzles you solve through careful maneuvering of the duo.

As a concept artist and storyteller, all I can currently do to further my efforts of creating a game is building a world and inhabit them with heroes and baddies who marry form and function. Expect illustrations featuring gameplay ideas, concept turnarounds, and stage designs when it comes to the art side of things in future posts.


I’ll also be discussing my clueless-ness and/or expertise on how/where/who I could possibly pitch this thing to, learning about the dev cycle, how I come up with designs, what I’m inspired by, and tons of related stuff.

Today, I take my first step in turning an idea into something more tangible. That wraps it up for this first teaser chapter. Hope you guys find this stuff interesting, and please stay tuned if you do!


Thanks for reading!


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