I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Pre-Dev Diaries: Chapter 5 (In Conclusion)

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WHAT!? 5 Chapters (6, cause there was a Chapter 0!) in and it’s all over!? Well, sorta kinda maybe but not really but also yeah, I suppose so.


The several weeks that I’ve been posting has been both fun and a learning experience for me. I’ve been researching game development and the many facets of design but have come to the conclusion that the dream of making this game must be put on hold. I can draw all I want and flesh everything out to the fullest extent, but all of those efforts and more won’t get this game to the finish line.

To get any sort of traction, I’d need an actual demo to pitch but I don’t have the means/assets/team to create something like that at the moment. I’m going to put Project Raga on the backburner for now while I focus on churning out more original work in a medium that’s more manageable and viable for my skill set.

That said, I humbly thank you guys for your support and kind words over the last few weeks. It truly reached me and made sharing this stuff a blast!

If Mirza and Yamini do come to life further on in the future, I’d definitely start sharing a true dev diary for you guys. Speaking of which, Ludolovig just introduced that he’s doing his own Game Dev diary for TAY! They’ll be posting on Mondays which is perfect timing since these Pre-Dev Diaries are coming to a close. I’m sure we’ll all keep an eye out for his work - I’m certainly looking forward to it and hope to learn a thing or two!

OK gang! I’m out for now. Hope to share some fun stuff with you soon and until then, wish you all the best!


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