I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled The Prodigal Crisco Returns And Gives Free Stuff

Hey TAY Folk,

This is Crisco. You may remember me from back when nu-TAY was just beginning to evolve. I ended up stepping away for awhile, mostly due to uneasiness about the redesign and general concern about the community's future. Those worries seem to have been pretty stupid though since TAY is booming now (even if it has changed a lot). So, I am back. I do not think I will be authoring much (though I would not mind starting a column again at some point). Still, you may sound the trumpets now and/or slap me back side the head for my insolence.


Now, as an apology for my long absence, I am giving the gift of free stuff (with a catch because there is always a catch). I have ONE (1) code for a free download of Gears of War. Anyone who wants it just needs to leave a gaming haiku below in the comments. Best gaming haiku to be posted between now and noon-ish tomorrow wins the code. If you want to contribute a haiku, but do not want the code, just say so in your post so I know. If you want to win, it needs to be an original haiku, not something plucked from the internetz. I have no idea how to actually enforce this though, so the honor system is in effect :p

Good luck and I hope you all are willing to accept this humble Crisco's return...

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