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The Proverbial “SJW” Abyss is Staring Back

I was planning on writing something about this a month ago, but in the end decided against it. From the time I spent pacing back and forth in my apartment thinking about this, I surmised that I was overreacting. It’s probably a vocal minority that is largely being ignored, I thought. But the more I go online, the more ‘comments’ I see, and the more I feel I might as well say what’s on my own mind.

In a certain Facebook group I’m a member of, someone posted a link to the announcement of Call of Duty: WWII not featuring any swastikas in the multiplayer portion of the game. People were outraged. Incapable of understanding why, I decided to engage with one particularly incensed individual. He cited historical accuracy as the reason behind his disappointment. I replied by pointing out that the lack of the Nazi symbol is relegated to the multiplayer. The single player however, will feature the swastika wherever it is applicable. A second individual chimed in with another remark concerning historical accuracy. At this point I figured out what I was dealing with. So my response consisted of me writing the word “multiplayer” several times, splitting the word up by each syllable, and letter by letter, literally spelling it out for him. No further communication came afterwards.


I’ve played many a WW2 shooter in my day, both on- and offline, and I can’t remember a single moment where I stopped to appreciate a swastika. I’ve of course noticed it, but only in the single player portion of the game, and only within a cutscene at that. “Oh wow, a swastika. This game is so authentic.” is something I’ve never said. However, “This individual is clearly a Nazi” or “That must be the reichstag building” are. It’s a freaking World War 2 shooter, of course there’s gonna be Nazis in it and with them comes the swastika. Yes, it’d be absurd to somehow omit the symbol in that case, but in multiplayer? Are you even going to notice?

Battlefield one added female soldiers with the latest DLC, which is historically accurate. But you know what? You wanna know a secret? Here, lean in closer so I can whisper it into your ear. A little more. Closer... IT DOESN’T MATTER! Whether the swastikas are present or not; whether you’re fighting male soldiers or female soldiers, are you really going to notice? Are you going to stop and appreciate the flags and the female soldier models? If you are, you’re doing it wrong and that’s me who just blew your brains out and went along his merry way. Because personally, I’d be too busy pumping bullets into people to ever wonder if the female character model is anatomically correct.

Look, I get it, sometimes I hear some things come out of what Americans like to call, the left, that I don’t agree with. They go too far sometimes, but this is not one of those cases. What do people despise most about these “Social Justice Warriors”? Their tendency to have something that’s seemingly meaningless upset them, correct? That is the proverbial abyss that you so called “Anti-SJW” are staring into. It’s staring back in the form of a Battlefield one DLC, and you can’t stop blinking to save your lives.

“I’m offended” “I’m offended that you’re offended” “I’m offended because you got offended by the original offence, offending an - .. Oh dear...

Historical accuracy you say? Yes, indeed. Operation market garden was a smashing bit of capture the flag. This was of course after the the game of domination in Eindhoven, but before the bout of search and destroy. No respawning at that point, we lost a lot of good men.

So the historical accuracy in multiplayer argument is nonsense. Why do you really want those swastikas? Why exactly is that symbol so important to you? Look I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying. Put a swastika sticker on your monitor, change your desktop background to a picture of Adolf Hitler, reread mein kampf and call it a day.


You got a problem with character models of chicks in your game or a problem with having females play the game online at all? Yeah, that’s not being anti-PC, that’s called being a fool.

Look, I’m sorry. Let’s all just calm down. These are the directions that the developers decided to go in. Whatever the reasons may be, it is what it is, and in this case, it’s not a big deal. You’re turning an ant hill into a mountain. You’re turning into what you hate.


Papito Qinn is the winner of the 2016 SpookTAYcular Scary Story Contest, and a twitter incompetent. “I’m pretty sure I’m only on Twitter now for the qoute/unqoute ‘dank’ memes.”

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