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Hey everyone! Guess who's been playing lots of Dark Souls lately? :D

After I went to a concert over the weekend, and got my sleep cycle ruined, I was pseudo-napping on the couch and listening to Ovdi (<3), when the sudden urge to replay it came to me. Maybe it's part of the delayed hype I've been getting for Dark Souls II, or something, but I just can't get my fill . . . ANYWAYS, I was thinking the other night, as I spawned three other players to kill the gargoyles for me (Too much effort. I prolly could do it alone, but . . . too much effort), that it's cool how certain online communities have their own gimmicks. I kinda thought about that once they both bowed, and I stumbled about trying to bow back >.>

"Pretty cool how the D. Souls people have this whole chivalry thing going on . . ".


Then, I thought about GTA:O, since it's the online game I've spent most time on . . . Yea, we have nothing like that. Hell, my usual policy is "shoot first, ask questions later", and I can guarantee you that's the case for 98% of all the other players. But that doesn't mean there's no other jokes going on, or anything. Chrome Adders are lame, you know? And well, I hear about the EVE community all the time, to the point where I've heard it's a lot more fun to just hear about it than it is to actually play the game. So, what are some quirks or inside jokes you like about MP communities?