I have been reading a lot of anger on Hyperkin's Facebook and retro gaming forums regarding the delays of their impressive RetroN 5 console and as such, I would like to drop some words from Justin Valero, Hyperkin's head of Community Management and Marketing:

Once the pin issue happened we had some time to look at the console deeply and we delayed the launch. Part of this delay was that we wanted to put things into the RetroN 5 but when we started it was far too expensive. As things progressed, we were able to add more features that we wanted. Game Genie wasn't originally in the cards but we found a way to do it. Screenshots had a similar story. As we have had more time to work on it, the RetroN 5 has been getting better and better. I often hear people get really upset that it is not out yet but I just take it on the chin because I know when it comes out you guys will really like it. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish and there is no group of people that want to release the console more than we do. We want all of hard work to be shown for the world to see. However, we did not want the product to have glaring issues that we overlooked because we had to make a deadline. Castlevania 3 had sound problems we needed to fix that took forever. Mega Man 3-6 did not respond at all to our feature set. We have used tens of thousands of cartridges with beta testers all over the world in order to test every single game from every library. Yes..we did that. Every. Single. Game. It took a very long time. But we are close. I promise you it is not vaporware. I have played it for hours and seen what it can do. We did not want to release a product that needs a firmware update every 3 weeks like what people by now. So are we beyond our deadline? Yes. Are we late to launch? Yes. I agree delays suck. But this is the best product we have ever created. We just wanted to get everything right. It is my hope that being upfront with the community will assure your confidence. - Justin Valero Community Manager/Marketing

No argument from me. Anyone else eager to get their hands on this delicious piece of retro gaming wonder machine?