Welcome to the first TAY post about all thing Supernatural! Starting possibly tomorrow, I'm going to try and keep up with a weekly episode review, but for now I figured I'd simply do an overview of the show itself.

What is Supernatural?

Supernatural is a show mostly about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. Together, they travel the country tracking down and hunting all the things that go bump in the night. Demons tend to make up most of their adversaries, but they fight creatures such as the fearsome Wendigo to trickster gods to ghosts and most everything in between.

Where/ when can I watch it?

Supernatural airs regularly on Wednesday nights on CW at 9pm eastern. But the first 7 seasons are all available on Netflix if watching shows in big chunks is more your thing ( this is how I first began watching). Season 8 is also currently being shown on Hulu Plus, but Hulu has this weird habit of deleting episodes as the season goes on, and currently only has from episode 10 up.


I'm hoping I'm not the lone Supernatural fan here on TAY, and I look forward to discussing different aspects of the show with everybody ( except wincest, I'm not touching that topic with a ten foot pole). What are your favorite characters, episodes, and story arcs? Until next time: