I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Cue up some classic rock, grab the salt, and ward your house against every monster known to man, it's time to discuss the Supernatural Season 8 finale! ( Warning: There will be spoilers aplenty).

And what a finale it was. We had everything this episode. Angels. Demons. Betrayals. The Winchesters genetic predisposition for sacrificing themselves versus the Winchester need to sacrifice all else for family. First, the extremely long-winded recap:

Sam and Dean are near to completing the trials required to shut closed the gates of hell once and for all, and self-styled King-Of-Hell Crowley knows it. Threatening to kill everyone the Winchesters have ever saved unless they abandon the trials and return the Demon Tablet ( for those new to the proceedings, put simply, the tablets are kind of like owner's manuals for God's creations. ), the boys reluctantly agree, but only if Crowley will give them the Angel Tablet. They meet for a trade, but instead, Crowley finds himself unwittingly captured for use as the third trial, which requires Sam to "cure a demon".


Personally, while I liked the angle, this part felt kind of disappointing. Crowley has always been shown to be resourceful, crafty, and the one person who has never underestimated the Winchesters. So to have him show up for a trade with no kind of back-up or even a back-up plan seemed pretty out of character for him. I guess it can be argued his arrogance has risen due to his long term status as king, or that maybe he felt he had the boys exactly where he wanted them and let his guard down. Still, I felt this was an uncharacteristically dumb move by someone who is, in my opinion of course, one of the best villains on television.

In another part of the world, the angel Castiel undergoes his own trials. Along with Metatron ( the angel who originally wrote the tablets for God), he has decided the best way to solve all of the turmoil in Heaven ( getting into the cause of all this turmoil would require an article unto itself) is to close down the gates to Heaven so they can have what Castiel describes as " a big family meeting." They spend much of the episode awaiting a Cupid to arrive to bring love to a bartender so they can collect Cupid's bow, leading to a pretty funny sequence of events. Once Castiel gets the bow though, Metatron is captured by other angels and taken back to Heaven, where he threatens Naomi. "Did you think there would be no payback?" Naomi eventually digs to truth of the matter, and goes off to warn Castiel and Dean that Metatron is up to something, and that, oh yea, Sam will die if he completes the third trial. Dean, somehow blindsided by this news ( I don't know how this wasn't obvious from the beginning, what with Sam's physical condition getting worse and worse after every trial completed), rushes off to save Sam.

Shortly thereafter, Castiel rushes off the Heaven to figure out what's going on, and ends up captured by Metatron. Metratron reveals that Castiel has never been undergoing trials to shut down Heaven, but instead has been fulfilling requirements for a spell that can cast all of the angels down to Earth, much in the same way Lucifer had been cast out eons ago. Meanwhile, Sam has been undergoing preparations to cure Crowley, which requires him to inject his own purified blood into the demon once every hour for 8 hours. As Sam finishes up and is about go in for the kill so to speak, Dean breaks in and demands he stops. Words are exchanged, but eventually Sam is talked down. As Sam begins to feel the repercussions of not completing the trials ( Kevin is going to be pissed ) , Dean takes him out for some air. It's then they see the storm, and hundreds of angels dropping from the sky.

Overall, a very good episode, and one that leaves me excited to see where Season 9 picks up. What were your thoughts on the episode? Were you disappointed, excited, or just confused? Lay it on me in the comments below! Until then:

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