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Salt all the entrances, angel proof your home, and load up the classic rock as we enter the world of Supernatural! Season 9 spoilers ahead, so be warned all ye who enter.

Been a while, eh? Since our last foray, things have definitely gotten crazier. A war brews in the demon ranks between those still loyal to Crowley, and those who now follow Knight of Hell Abaddon. The wayward angels who survived the fall to earth have broken off into factions, each trying to prove their way is the right way. Metatron, the angel responsible for evicting everyone from Heaven, now tries to convince Castiel to once again become the leader of the angels.


Because it turned out so well last time, right?

Friend and only person who could read the tablets, Kevin Tram, is dead, killed by Sam while he was possessed by an angel. Dean has teamed up with Crowley to take down Abaddon, and now posesses both the Mark and Blade of Cain, the only weapon known to be capable of killing a Knight of Hell. But the weapon and mark seem to be having an effect on Dean, who seems angrier and more willing to kill than ever. Crowley himself has his own problems, as he's become addicted to human blood and emotion since his brush with the trials from last season.

This weeks episode takes a side trip to Chicago, and serves as the pilot episode for the upcoming spin-off, Supernatural: Bloodlines. I'll have to admit, I wasn't overly thrilled with this episode. A second Supernatural starring a new group of hunters without all the baggage Sam and Dean have accumulated over 9 seasons was a great premise, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

A massive killing of monsters brings the Winchesters to Chicago, where they discover, for lack of a better term, a "monster mob" has divided the city between 5 factions of monsters. Two of these factions, the shifters and the werewolves, are on the brink of war, and a killer dropping people on both sides hasn't made peace any easier.


Instead of exploring all the cool ways the monsters have managed to keep themselves hidden from sight and yet control the city, the episode goes directly into Vampire Diaries territory, with a forbidden romance between a shifter and werewolf front and center of everything else. The Winchesters themselves play almost a cameo role in the episode, taking a backseat to the monster-on-monster drama. Of course, the werewolf woman is kidnapped by the person responsible for the killings on both sides, and the Winchesters and new hunter Ennis, whose fiance is fridged right from the start of the episode, set off to rescue her for some reason. At the end of it all, the Winchesters get word from Cas that he has a line on Metatron, and have to leave the city and Ennis.

Overall, this probably the worst episode of SPN I've seen, and I watched all of season 6 multiple times. They took everything good and different about Supernatural and cast it aside to do yet another teen monster drama. If this is what the spin off will be like, count me out. Hopefully, next week we'll be back on the road we know and love, and this will be a painful, distant memory.


I wish Sam and Dean would have just let Death destroy Chicago back in season 5, and spared us all this embarrassment.

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