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Well this past month and a half has been pretty rough in this house. For almost six weeks there has been some form of flu, or cold, or some other kind of damn disease passing between me and my kids... But now finally we are in the clear, and it was just in time for Fallout so that worked out pretty good! During this month of sickness, I was unable to really get any good gaming sessions in, but I did discover Final Fantasy Record Keeper on my phone. I am a sucker for a good rpg, and the idea of assembling a party of characters from all the various sounds excellent. The game itself is okay (it’s a free mobile game so you know...), but it got me thinking, why stop at just Final Fantasy? If you could put together a team of characters from any RPG game you have played, who would you choose and why?

You can see my team in the header image, so I guess maybe I should get to explaining my choices? Might as well go left to right...

  • Oulan - Suikoden 2: Probably my favorite character in the game, and it has nothing to do with the boob jiggle, or skimpy outfit. From the time you recruit her till the end of the game she is a heavy hitter. Every time I play she gets at least some use. Pair her Angry Dragon Rune with a Fury Rune, and have never ending double damage? Yes please!
  • Vivi - FF9: While Final Fantasy 9 isn’t my favorite in the series (that spot is reserved for 6), Vivi is probably my favorite character from all the games. I love basically everything about him, his design, his story, his abilities, all excellent. The power house black mage should be a permanent fixture on any team.
  • Starky - Crono Cross: The tiny alien with a helmet so heavy he has troubles standing up. He always seems to come through when you need him. He’s got mad dodge skills, awesome unique abilities, and being a white element character, he makes an excellent healer. Put him in your team and watch him flip all over the place while the enemy tries to hit him.
  • Arngrim - Valkyrie Profile: Whose sword would you rather use Cloud’s, or Sephiroth’s? Oh what’s that? Can’t choose you say? You want both? Well have I got the guy for you! While it may not look like it in the picture above, but check out this in game picture:

And it’s not all looks, this guy is a beast, and one of the hardest hitters in the game if I remember correctly (it’s been a few years, I really need to play this again...)

  • Robo - Chrono Trigger: Two words for you, “Uzi Punch”. This one is more of a nostalgic memory choice for me. He may not be the best character in the game (there aren’t really any bad characters in Chrono Trigger I guess...). Rewind to early junior high, the days of big hair and tight jeans. Well not actually but whatever... I was fighting the final boss, and things were looking grim. Crono and Marle are both down for the count, and Lavos is getting ready to finish off my portly robot companion. Hp and Mp are dangerously low, and in a final last ditch effort Robo winds up, and... MAHINE GUN PUNCHES LAVOS’S FACE CLEAN OFF. Robo the true hero of space and time...

And there it is, man it was hard to choose only five. There are so many excellent rpg characters, and it kills me a little inside to leave some people off. I’m so sorry Edgar, you womanizing, cross bow shooting, bio blasting, chainsaw wielding maniac... The two of us are like twins you know...


So tell me who would you choose for your team? If it doesn’t include Robo you may be doing something wrong...

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