Have been greatly exaggerated indeed. I'm still around guys, I know some of you people miss my Crystal's Call entries and I hope to get back to them soon. I guess I should give the run down to those of you who care.

I used to write the majority of my Final Fantasy XIV blog at work, but as of late the IT department has cracked down. Partly my fault, partly the fault of others, the IT department trolled through everyone's browsing history and blocked just about everything. All of Gawker, Guildwork (a XI/XIV site), Gamerescape (the XIV wiki), and of course Kinja are out of my reach at work. On top of that, through some sorcery they've interrupted all connection with Google Drive where I store the master file for Crystal's Call. I can load it, but I cannot edit the document in any way. Google Drive loses connection, then Chrome tells me I've been blocked.

So, why don't I just write at home? Well, what can I say?

I'm kind of a busy person. I have an issue with time management at home, I suppose. I eat dinner, do whatever tasks need to be done like dishes or laundry, then I return to Eorzea for more adventures. I've recently taken on the task of defeating the Extreme Mode Primals, tough fights that push the skills of your team to the limits. These trials are fun, when you're not beating your head against Titan for hours at least. Garuda got more interesting, and poor Ifrit is still a push over.


Crystal Tower, or the Labyrinth of the Ancients underneath it, is a fun 24 man raid full of XIV's biggest rejects. I've never seen so many people waving e-peen they think they have. Trash talking, bullshitting, straight up putting people down for being "bad" and then the person talking all the shit wipes everyone. It's amazing. It's one of the greatest sources of entertainment in XIV right now. If I'm lucky I snag the piece of gear I'm after for the week in the first couple runs and move on.

My Coils group finally made some headway into Turn 5. Of course, the majority of these guys have left. Zell, our Paladin, is no longer an Elezen but a Lalafell. Here I'll give remembrance to Lahin, our Warrior, Kuma, our Scholar, Saph, our White Mage, and Tecca, our Dragoon. And then of course our Monk, Sabba. Then our other Monk for one day, Kohaku. And Kenji, our original second Bard. So long guys. But our new members, Ryuki, Zhao, and J'Huiz. Great players. Yesterday we had little problem getting back down to Turn 5, and I'm looking forward to finally beating this last true challenge in my path.


Christmas came and left in Eorzea, and of course we all celebrated in true fashion. You wouldn't know it, but that snowman is actually Ratie Farsight, the crazy homicidal Black Mage from Crystal's Call. Sitting beside me is another friend, Kiriath, and far behind him is the lovely Sorasha Ashi. We had some fun in our winter garb and then we horsed around when New Years rolled through, quite literally actually. Those horse head kabuto still give me nightmares.

With things slowing down now that holidays are past in both Eorzea and the real world, I hope to soon get back into the practice of writing a post or two a week. I can't promise nearly daily updates like I had before, so don't rag on me too much. So to all my followers and friends, Aikage, Damson, Sylverfyst, and a handful of others, please forgive me for my absence and soon enough I'll regal you all again with stories of my adventures. After all, I did leave you guys on a terrible cliff hanger, did I not? Now please excuse me while I walk off into the sunset. W-wait! Th-that's not me!