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No, not that kind of sci-fi club!

It was the early fall of 2012, and 12-year-old me was looking for a club to join. I was obsessed with Harry Potter at the time, and saw that there was a Harry Potter club. Of course I joined!

But when I attended my first meeting, I quickly learned that it was not exclusively a Harry Potter club. In the years since it had been established, the Harry Potter club had evolved into a fantasy club, then a fantasy/ sci-fi club, and then finally just a sci-fi club, when I joined. They just didn’t bother changing the official name.


At any rate, I was there, so I figured I’d stay for a few sessions and see if I liked it anyway. They were watching Warehouse 13, a sci-fi show not too unlike Agents of SHIELD, and while I was a little confused from never having seen the previous episodes, it was engaging enough for me to stay and watch it. Plus, everyone there was a total nerd, so I was in good company, and the banter from everyone reacting to each episode was really fun.

For a secret Santa, I got a book listing and reviewing every single episode of Doctor Who to present day, so I decided to start watching from the very beginning, in 1963. It was all incredibly bland, cheesy, had terrible music and special effects, and just a bit sexist/racist. But I enjoyed it all the same as mindless, often ironic entertainment. I eventually skipped to 2005-era Doctor Who, and actually fell in love with it. And sci-fi club also introduced me to the MCU through showing the first two Iron-Man movies!

But it was not meant to be. As people came and went, the once silly group that would interrupt movies at the perfect moment to crack a hilarious joke slowly left, and in came a group of people who wanted to watch their movies in peace. I get the importance of watching a movie in quiet at, say, a movie theater, or in the comfort of your own home, but this was a club, a social gathering! My clever witticisms were no longer met with laughter and applause, but with hushes of disdain, and the few stragglers of sci-fi club’s old era received the same treatment.

And then they started showing horrible, horrible movies unironically. It started with Labyrinth (Which is absolutely a bad movie, fight me). Add to all of this that the club organizer ended up being my Latin teacher who was so horrible at teaching yet over-demanding that I hated being even in the same room as her. And her room was vile. She didn’t wear shoes or socks and the room was full of trash, candy, and a disgusting perfume that attracted swarms of fruit flies.


The final straw, however, was when they unironically showed Hulk (2003). I stood up, walked out of the room, and never came back to the sci-fi club.

Look at that, 500 words exactly!

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