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The Series 2 Amiibos

Let us take a look at the new additions arriving this week, hopefully sooner than later in a shop near you.

As you can probably guess I was quite looking forward this set to arrive. Why?

Power Ranger!

Forever he will indeed be our hero. Oh look, Nintendo keeps messing up the number in the packaging. It says Nº 18 but we all know the Captain is always Number 1! All right, let's free these guys, ape, angel and princess from their plastic prisons.


The image above is sponsored by SAMSUNG.

Some strong contenders in this lot. Also, I think we might need a Captain Falcon soccer game... Super Captain Strikers! Get on it, Next Level Games.


And now the most exciting bit: Let's see what we can do with these new arrivals on Wii U!

Mario Kart 8

Finally I feel... complete!

Now this is just righteousness in it's purest form. Now we can finally get the missing two Mii racing suits, Luigi's and Captain Falcon's. That means that finally at long last, I can race my Mii wearing Captain Falcon's uniform driving the Blue Falcon kart on Mute City. I now fully expect everyone to race online just like me on that photo and following video, so we can all send a clear message to Nintendo: We want need a new F-Zero!

GO FAST! Righteousness!

Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Let's see how these guys handle the Brawl. In the following video I register all six new Amiibos and then take then out for a 7 player Bbrawl with Mii.

If you're wondering why it took me a bit to name Captain Falcon, I was trying to fit in there "Power Ranger" to sadly no avail. "Punch Machine" didn't fit either. Of course level 1 Amiibos are mere punching bags, but give these boys and girl a few days and they will become mean, lean, Amiibo wrecking machines that will sadly never be able to replace my real life friends with their plastic innards. But they DO look great on the shelf.


And that's all folks! Zelda just gave me an regular weapon for her character in Hyrule Warriors unlike Link's lovely new Spinner. A missed opportunity right there Nintendo. But overall, the quality remains, these are really awesome figurines and if ne of these new six characters are your personal favourite like the good Captain, you should snap these up. We are not having the same issues as in America regarding Amiibo shortage, but stores do have less of certain characters. Hope this arTAYcle helps you decide if you want to get any of these. Oh, did you miss my Series 1 impressions a few weeks ago? You can catch up here.


Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


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