In my last Anime-poll related article, I told you about what I find so interesting in Anime polls. Recently Japanese site My Navi decided to ask their readers which series first got them into watching Anime, one question that has been asked too many times, but that never ceases to be an interesting one.


The interesting part is seeing how this changes with recent series and seeing how males in their 40's saying that recent series like K-On! were the series that hooked them into Anime.

First off, the list (via RocketNews):


"I started watching it with my kids, and then before I knew it I was looking forward to it every week. After that I started watching other anime too". (36, male)

"I started watching the show with my kids, now they have their own kids, and probably they'll have their own by the time this show ends" (Me)

9. K-On!

"I didn't like it at first, but after watching a few episodes I started watching it properly and that was that." (40, male)

"I like the show, but I'm still too ashamed to acknowledge that in front of my dad" (Me)


8. YuYu Hakusho

"I watched it as a child and fell in love with the characters". (31, female)

"I got a severe case of Eight-grade syndrome after this, I always wanted to be like Kurama" (Me)


7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

"My friend introduced it to me. After watching the first episode I was hooked." (25, male)

"I introduced this series to a friend, after the first episode he was hooked, but after endless eight he stopped being my friend" (Me)


6. Slam Dunk

"I liked the manga, so when it was made into an anime I watched it. After that I started watching the anime for other Shonen Jump manga too." (30, female)

"I got rejected by 50 girls, became a delinquent, and still can't play Basketball one damn bit, why Slam Dunk, I believed in you, just why?" (Me)


5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

"I watched it with my kids because they really liked it, and somehow I ended up getting sucked into it too." (49, female)

"My mom watched this alongside me and my sisters, and somehow, she never wanted to see Anime again" (Me)


4. Gundam Series

"I got into anime after watching Gundam SEED in middle school." (24, female)

"I almost stopped watching Anime after Destiny though" (Me)

3. Doraemon

"My brothers all watched Doraemon, so I ended up watching it every week too, and that's probably what started me watching anime." (30, female)

"I'll watch Anime until they develop a Dokodemo door" (Me)

2. Sailor Moon

"The characters were all really cute and I had a lot of fun watching it. I was always playing make-believe at Sailor Moon." (28, female)

"I enjoyed watching this alongside my sisters, but I never played make-believe at Sailor Moon. No, really I didn't. I swear...... well maybe just a little" (Me)


1. Dragonball

"It was really interesting. I'd watched a lot of other kids anime shows, but it was Dragonball that really got me hooked, and after that I started watching lots of different anime." (32, male)

"And then my childhood was ruined ;)" (Me)

Now I want to see your choices, but I'll start this with my own.

For me, the series that got me hooked into Anime is:

You're Under Arrest!


While I grew up watching Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya and the likes of it I never realized they were made in Japan. I just saw them as really cool-looking cartoons. This was the first series that made me really think, "I really want to see more series with great characters and so good chemistry between them like this", "I want to be a cop when I grow up", "If I ever get a girlfriend I want her to be like Natsumi" and made me search high and low in the Internet for similar series, and that's when I found out about how big the Japanese Animation scene was, and it just went up from there.

Manga, Light Novels, Games (Curious Note, the Original Author of You're Under Arrest is one of the main character designers for the "Tales of" series, so you may say, this series also lead me to my love for the "Tales of" videogame series), Visual Novels, Music, Drama CD etc., etc. So to this date, I give credits to this is the series as the one that got me hooked into Anime


But now it's your turn, What is the series that got you hooked into Anime, and why?