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So . . . I’ve been kinda rewatching trailers and so on for TPP, and even though I’m not even 1/4th into Portable Ops (Ace Combat got in the way, shush), I’m absolutely itching to play Peace Walker. I just can’t seem to get enough Metal Gear. So after binging gameplay trailers, and reading up on stuff I wanted to avoid but ended up reading anyways, there’s only one thing that I just can’t seem to get an answer for.


Will you be able to play as recruits in MGSV?

I mean, it’d make sense if you could, right? What with PO and PW doing it, and the game hinting at being able to, seeing how free and versatile it is.

“Well, T, why does that matter anyway?”

Because. How cool is it to be able to play as generic MSF troops? Playing PO right now, it’s super awesome to have specialized sneaking teams comprised of soldiers, doctors, nurses, researchers, officers, and so on. It’s nice, immersion-enhancing variety. I mean, who doesn’t want to play as a knife+gun-wielding nurse? So, topic for tonight. Little extra features that just sell you on games. In this case, it’d be “extra characters that aren’t just Snake, because the scope and scale of the game just scream for that sort of variety”.


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