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So I was talking to Nach today about the good ol’ days. You know, up the hill both ways in the snow and all that. And I kinda remembered when I was little and set up a lemonade stand to make enough money to buy my Gameboy. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Doing extra chores and extra errands to try and make enough money to buy something we really really wanted at the time. Something that, in its moment, was the greatest fucking thing ever, and the end all be all to your life. At least a child’s life. It’s funny, really. Aside from the Mario games on there and maybe TLoZ, I don’t really remember actually being hyped about games, really. Looking back, the real reason I wanted a Gameboy, was because the little light antenna thing you’d attach on them looked bitching and cool, and I wanted that >< Reminded me of the ray guns from the old War Of The Worlds movie, somehow. Back when I thought aliens were cool. Remember when the Game Cube came out? When the Wii came out? When RE4, MGS4, and when SSB:Brawl came out? Hell, remember a year or so ago, when GTAV came out, and how it was the bestest thing ever? And now looking back, it’s just fond memories? Think of a game, movie, or just general thing that’s coming out soon, and you have a lot of hype. How do you think you’ll look back on that when it finally comes around?


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