'Could I interest you in some adventure?' This is for you, the weekend Early Bird/Late Night/Future Warriors!

Hello fellow wanderers of the night, and welcome to the Graveyard shift, where you get a second chance to think the contact through, and join us, in this late edition of TAY:Open Forum.

We sign-off with...Adventure!

The short work week is finally coming to an end, and for some lucky few it already has *Nope*, but either way, THE WEEKEND IS UPON US!

And E3 is less than two weeks away! Still there is some time kill, but I am sure we will find a way to entertain ourselves in the meantime...hmmm some sort of pixel world, that is run by 1010101....nope nothing.


Oh well, either way, could I interest you in some adventure? You don't really have to do much. You'll just be our finest final addition on our merry group of ravishing Dwarves. : |

Danger? Why of course there will be danger, what kind of adventure would this be if there was no risk to take on? Now if you would please sign this contract reliving us of your untimely fate by incineration. :|

Did I mention there was gold? = )

Heh...but is guarded by Smaug... = /

Its like Benedict Cumberbatch. :)

Only in a Dragon form that will try to kill us....that is if we survive the Misty Mountains, and the black forest of Mirkwood.... :[


Did I mention there will be ponies? So...you Interested?

*The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, incineration, and failing grades. Don't forget TAY for the new and improved TAY:Open Forum. Or head over to TAYClassic to take on other quest!


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