Can't Sleep?! Does the internet have you under is passionate clutches?! Working on your final project?! Working?! Or did the day just get rolling on your side of the globe? Well this is for you, the Late Night/Early Birds/ Future Warriors!

Hey fellow TAYers! And welcome to the shift's sign-off for the incoming weekend. As usual, there is no topic for the sign-off. But of course you may be wondering about this "Hiatus, The End?"

For a little while these little write ups have pop up late at night, as unofficial late night open forum. Never meant to be in par with the main one, and certainly never thought it would end up being daily or for that matter be in for the long run. Could keep going, but the time has come for a pause (at least for themes or sub-topic! Which suck since, I keep getting notices, from folks whom don't comment often. ) for now. Quality being the one of main concerns, as these could have been turned into full, well written articles of their own. And a couple or more times it just ended horrible. But mainly, there are subject/stories I want to write about, and share. =)


Thought about other authors having ago at the shift, but that would not work in the long run. But since a late night open forum of sorts gives people a second opportunity to jump in, neither can it just stop.

So should it be how the morning forum are only with twist or just stop? Or do you have a suggestion, since this is for you, the late night, early birds, future warriors!


EDIT: OR JUST CHATTER ABOUT! This just like the TAY:Open Forum.