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We Sign-Off with...Burgers!

Well its been a while since we sign-off and say farewell to the workweek, and say hello to WEEKEND CHILLING & GRILLING! But what to be chilling eating, what to to be be grilling? BURGERS! Okay, maybe you don't own a grill or hot abs to grill meaty goods with...or maybe you like veggies...that's cool.


Well at least I could go for one right about now...hmm but what would hit the spot? Do love the old style cheesy burger, but not that garbage at the fast food joints. Something made by hands, with love, and without the spit, with a side off banana milk shake. But a bit of a confession, I give up fast foods (mostly >_>;) out of my diet, but dear glob it is hard....So do any of you have a favorite burger? You know something that hits the spot, and parties in your mouth? Or maybe its something else...

But anyways, feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about the workweek grinds or even those achievements you keep going about. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Don't forget, YOU have to eat all of it!


The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night hunger, worrying about your mayonnaise tolerance, one night ragrets, suger blindness, and those pants that don't fit!

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