I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight's Shift... Always shitting on your parade.

Just like Gandhi declaring war... GHAANDGIII! *ShakesFist* Or something that just pissed you off.


Hey folks its finally Friday, and here I am filling in for good o'l Jolly. Who's off battling some sort of bear man pig or something. But lets get on to it!

You're probably wondering who that handsome fellow is supposed to be. He is a Yor, a sentient robotized being that's totally not a copy of the Borg, that is dead set on making your life miserable ("THAT'S SO GANDHI!") from the Galactic Civ games. Thus making him the game's default Nemesis, if you suck.

And I did.

But I am sure not all nemesis are scripted to be so, maybe it was a NPC black phantom, a carefully place flying koopa, or some random dragon always chasing you when you were at 1HP.

  • Basically, do you have a game Nemesis? Who has out for you? Or have you made it your mission to beat then to the ground, bloody then, and crush then just cause...

No? Oh welp, as always, ignore my rambling and talk about life, games, beating stuff up, and enjoy that weekend folks!



"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for LEERROOOY JENKINS!"

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