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The Sign-off Graveyard Shift *Maybe Edition - Closer to Home

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Tonight we Sign-Off with... Closer to Home

Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the evening, as the impending weekend is upon us once more. YAY!


So a while back we heard about A Night in The Woods, and the premise of being a drop out, and returning back to town. To what should be familiar surroundings or maybe not. The game isn't out, but that closer to home aspect (aside from the supernatural bit) did struck a chord with me.

Something along the lines of that sense of belonging we all want to achieve but find lacking at times. A fear or worry, that maybe you really don't fit in anywhere. And that's okay. Or maybe it might end up being nothing. (The game ins't out ^^;)

The kind of thing that keep you up at night, for better or worst.

So fellow TAYers, are there any games (past or for that matter upcoming)that have struck a chord with you? Maybe a bit too close to home? Maybe...Either way, feel free to talk about whatever you want, be game achievements or life. So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


I do dig the music...

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your lack of feels, worrying about the pending snowmageddon, not enough drinks, and 'crystals'!

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