I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight's Shift... The Horror!

So its Friday night, and unlike a certain song, we need to get down to some horror business. Or something of that nature really. So the topic for not real topic is Horror Films! Or at least the ones you can stomach, the following film is one I can stomach other than that...nope. So I will be rambling on, as to not spoil much of it, feel free to skip it.

If you haven't noticed, the top image is from a The Thing(1982). A classic horror film about an all boys club in an Antarctic tree house. They are an elite group of twelve individuals, whom pass the time drinking, and loosing chess matches to an AI. Especially a certain McReady who looks a lot like Kurt Russel. Unfortunately they get some unexpected Norwegian guest, and a dog being chased by them(this week hot topic on Kotaku). Lucky the dog is unharmed, but the Norwegians have an argument over the dog staying over. A couple of gunshot later, the issue is settled.

They decided to go to the Norwegian club house. Then it gets spooky, and they didn't find Mary Winstead to say the least. They did bring back some horrific looking remains, to do science on. While the autopsy is taking place, the dog from earlier gets a bad case of rabies..like holy shit bad. Nevertheless to say it got real, and it is up to McRussel, and the ever decreasing in number gang to save the night(?). But he will need more than just his beard to do so. Luckily being a research team of a few scientist, dynamite is plentiful, and so are flamethrowers.


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Such a nice track to close the night with....

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, blood loss, vertigo, dry mouth, break dancing, and wanting to assimilate all of humanity. The Graveyard Shift is off for the weekend, and so should you!

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