I'm really feeling it!

It's not a secret around these parts that I'm a Smash fantatic. Why wouldn't I be? You should be wondering, if anything, why this illustration came out last week when the game was launched Friday!

There's no real good reason, actually! I'm still really loving the handheld version of Nintendo's crazy party fighter and maybe that led me astray?! Either way, you guys ready to see how I illustrated this week's art featuring an array of iconic fighters?! Take a look below in the latest episode of SeeBonnyDraw:

So, a lot of work goes into the artwork (obviously) but the editing, preparation, and narration takes its toll as well. This week, I was excited to incorporate sound effects and mix up a nice background track to play behind my voice which features every main theme from each of the Smash games! Although the work adds up, it's still a ton of fun to do. If only I had something more enjoyable to work with than Windows Movie Maker...I mean, it gets the job done, but I wonder what I could do with something more powerful?

Who knows! I gotta keep focusing on the artwork and get better at this craft. I loved working on this piece and it's one of my most favorite illustrations to date. I put a ton of love into it and I hope you guys enjoy it too.


So, what do you guys think? Who would win in this match!? I've still yet to get a Wii U and the game, but I will one day. Until then, I'll keep training on the handheld.

Hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving and hope to chat with you all in the comments below. I'm thankful for all you cool TAYtertots ~~


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