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The Soundtrack to My Life Episode 2 - Boss Battles

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Welcome back to my weekly series, where I ask the TAY community to help me create a soundtrack for my life. This week the theme is going to be boss battles. Now, I want to actually start out by saying that I have fantastic bosses, so I don’t really view encounters with them as “battles.” Additionally, I am not going to have the playlist that we create this week playing in the background while I am talking to them. Instead, I am looking for a playlist that will help to psych me up before I go to meet with them.


Before we get to the nitty gritty of building out our “Boss Battles” playlist, I wanted to followup on last week’s playlist, and show it to you, in all of its glory. Last week I tasked you with helping me to build a playlist that would guide my journey into work. This is a trip that lasts about thirty minutes, and those that replied had some fantastic suggestions. So, without further ado, let’s look at the playlist that you helped me build!

Last Week’s Playlist Challenge

Title: The Journey Begins

Theme: The Morning Commute

Time: 30 minutes

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Tracks, accreditation, and why I chose them:

  1. “Opening” from Super Mario 64

A short and sweet track that fits perfectly in the first spot on the playlist. It prefaces the overall theme nicely, but doesn’t overstay its welcome before it leads in to the next track.

  1. “Crossing those Hills” from Final Fantasy IX

There were several over world themes that I could have chosen from (I’m looking at you Chrono Cross). In the end though, I love the dulcet tones and chimes that play the main theme from FFIX, and accompany you on the world map. It’s a little softer, and not nearly as grandiose as some of the reader suggestions I got, which is why I put it earlier in my journey.

  1. “Red’s Journey” from Pokemon Reorchestrated


I can’t express how much I love this track! It begins with a collection of strings that slowly rise with the cadence of the percussion. As more and more instruments join in, I can almost picture the sun rising to meet me as I continue on the path to my work! This track also has the perfect mix of slow, melodious sections and rising crescendos to justify its placement as the third track - it acts as a transition point to faster paced tracks that will follow. (Suggested by DisturbedShadow)

  1. “Harmony” from Rayman

How can a single track have this much pep? Seriously, this track just keeps on giving it. Within a few moments of listening to it, my foot was tapping, and my head was bobbing along with the beat. The flute that is prominent throughout rings with tones that seem to nod at the “rise and shine” music that is featured in so many movies. The pacing never lets up, and the track is infused with quite the medley of various instruments. I won’t lie, I had a difficult time placing this track and track 3, as they could easily be swapped. Ultimately, I felt that this track kept its tempo at a faster pace for a longer time, which made it a better candidate to follow track 3 at this point in my journey. (Suggested by MrMarsu)

  1. “Ride On” from Final Fantasy VIII

Time to pick up the pace! By this point in my journey, I should be reaching the tollway that takes me to work. The speed limit? 70 mph, and as such, it is the perfect time for the increased tempo!

  1. “Locke’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI

Taurenrider said that this song would make me want to get out and explore, and he wasn’t kidding. Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, and Locke is a great character. This track is a great “middle of the playlist” track because it will hit right around the time I am changing lanes to get around people who are exiting midway on my journey. A solid selection that will get me going at just the right time! (Suggested by Taurenrider)

  1. “Still the Road is Full of Dangers” from Super Mario RPG

I just love the whimsy that this track brings with it. Still speedy and peppy like the last few tracks, making a great choice to help keep me engaged as I continue on the tollway.

  1. “The Great Sea” from The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

I justified my affinity for this track last week! I had it at the top of the playlist then, but as I filled the list out with more tracks, this position seemed like a more appropriate one!

  1. “Opening Act” from Grandia 2

This track is kind of all over the place. It starts fast, then has this odd transition to a slower, more minimalist piece, then speeds up again and throws some gong in there for good measure. I think that my reason for selecting it, ultimately, is due to the fact that I will be exiting the tollway, merging, turning, merging, and heading into the parking lot. A crazy number of actions calls for a track that is just as crazy, musically!


So that is last week’s playlist. What do you think? Do you agree with my choices and order, or would you change them?

This Week’s Playlist Challenge

Title: Boss Battles

Theme: Music I will listen when working/preparing to meet with my boss

Time: 60 minutes

My Track:

“J-E-N-O-V-A” from Final Fantasy (Runtime - 2:32)


I’m just going to be brief here, and say that this is an awesome boss battle track. Its classic Final Fantasy music, and it is awesome! That’s all I have to say about that!


Your turn

New to this series? Check out the rules here to get caught up!

So that’s my choice for the first track of this playlist, and now I need you to help me fill out the rest of it. Give me your track suggestion and justification for why you think that track matches the theme. The tracks that I think fit the theme best will be added to the finalized playlist, which I will reveal next week!

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