I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Starcraft Retrospective For People Who Are Bad At Starcraft

Starcraft is commonly covered in games media as an esport, taking long looks at the strategies and talents on display at the top level of skill. Starcraft is commonly experienced a little differently— to be “good at Starcraft”, in a competitive way, takes more time than a lot of players are willing to invest in the game. All the same, Starcraft is equally as beloved by casual and low-skill players as it is by the elites of the top leagues. It takes a lot of clever design to be so appealing to such a diversity of players: this video takes a look at the game from the Bronze League end of the spectrum, from the perspective of someone who loves the games but is never going to be put in the time to be “good” at them. There’s a lot of different ways to experience Starcraft— here’s one you don’t need high acions-per-minute to appreciate.

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