I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

On today’s The State of Aether, I talk writing (or lack of), Fire Force & Promare (plagirism?), and some upcoming game releases next week I’m debating on.


Upcoming Projects:

- My Bungo Stray Dogs related article is taking longer than planned. I got the bulk of what I wanted to say written down on the anime side, but I’m rethinking about how to tie it back to something a bit personal. It’s difficult to balance because I don’t know how deep I want to go into my personal experiences without a) making it completely about my history and b) not letting it override my discussion of the anime. Reviewing my original draft, I got really deep into some of my “darkest” moments of my life, but I fear I might have let my emotions at the time dictate the direction it was taking. I need to push this one back to next week for review. Stay tuned.


- Summer is almost here, so I’m finalizing the next anisong round up for Spring. For this season, I’ll be splitting this one up over a few days (a week most likely), so at least one entry a day. This will be a first for me, as I won’t have nearly as much time as I normally give myself on these articles. Expect some new artists I haven’t featured yet and a few surprise entries.....

On Fire Force, Promare, and..... Plagiarism?


You know I practically wrote this article just to make that headline joke (damn, it’s warm here), but mostly, I’m just super stoked about Fire Force! The newest preview was released this week (along with the opening theme preview) and it is damn impressive!

Of course, I also feel the need to bring up a certain elephant in the room that recently made news last week. I’ll link the exact article here if you want specifics, but creator Atsushi Ohkubo made a comment that very strongly implied plagiarism:

“I’m going to stop talking about the contents of my manga before they get serialized, even to people I know. I don’t know where my work could be stolen from.”


It’s pretty safe to assume this is a reference to Promare, a movie by Trigger and XFLAG that also stars a fire fighting team of specialists that fight enhanced humans who control fire. I realize that’s a bare-bones description for the sake of brevity, but you get the idea of why the comparison is being made.

Seeing as neither is currently available for viewing, it’s too early to tell if Ohkubo has a point or if the timing was purely coincidental. Then again, a lot of series within similar genres share common characteristics and even story elements that it is difficult to claim ownership of one specific idea. (Lord knows how many trapped in another world shows we’ve seen in the last couple seasons , and more still to come!)


While the basic premise is eerily similar, based on what we’ve seen from both, I think there is enough room for two fire fighting based animation projects and enough differences in the execution to stand out from each other in the long run. At any rate, I’m more curious to hear your takes on this story.

Summer Games!

So next week we’re getting:

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Switch (6/25)
  • Judgment (6/25)
  • Super Mario Maker 2 (6/28)

Holy shit, that’s more than I bargained for! Quick, pick only one!

....Not Dead Yet.


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