I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Summer PhoTAYGraphy Club Project

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Summer is officially here (for some of us)! With it, a new PhoTAYgraphy Club Special Summer Outing. Your Outings.


This one comes courtesy of Swansie, who this past Saturday, took pictures of some of the fun things she saw on her walk to the office. She then challenged me to share pictures of all the fun things I saw on my day out in New York City and so, a new idea has come to fruition.

Summer sometimes means travel! It also may mean going at a slower pace to your intended destinations while stopping to soak up that Summer sun. The idea here is to take pictures during your summer outings of anything interesting that you saw and would like to share with us. Whether through your phone, point and shoot, DSLR, whatever! Just take a picture. It doesn't have to be anything super serious like a planned vacation (but those are totally welcome as well, of course). In fact just trips in the park, work or where have you will do too as often those are when the finest moments happen: those unexpected wonders you may casually stumble upon.


It's all up to you!

Take pictures and make your own posts to TAY Classic. (Publish to your personal blog but add the TAY Classic Tag).


But here's a small catch.

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The series is called the "As [x] [traveled]".

Think of a fun name for your series. Here are just some examples that Swansie and I came up with:

As Swan Saunters

As Zarnyx Zips

As Poco Preambulates (he brilliantly came up with that one on his own)

As Walf Wanders

As Nach Navigates

As Furby Frolics

As SupremeEvan Stumbles

As Damson Dashes

As Mr. Marsu Meanders

As Migaru Moseys

As Jonuiuc Jaunts

As StygianKnight Swaggers (oh snap!)

As Irish Flowers Investigates

As Bears Bravely Brush Barrel

As Habboi Hides in His House because He is Too Busy with a Hat in Time

As Unimplied...


Sorry Uni, you're on your own with a title. Uh, you too, UI.

...so on and so forth.

See what we did there? Of course, there's no need to adhere to that exhausting exercise and no need to use our titles. These are all just suggestions.


Make as many entries as you want with no set limit or time frame. That is, until Summer ends of course and then we can start up an Autumn exercise/continue a seasonal exercise until the end of time as we see fit.

At the end of Summer, I'll make one giant PhoTAYgraphy Club post to commemorate our Summer on TAY.


PhoTAYgraphy Club regulars, lurkers, EVERYONE - Welcome to Summer!

Now, let us all get those cameras and fun going!

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