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The SunTAY© Morning Pondling Debate - Issue 04

We...arrrrrrrr The Pondlings.

Hello and welcome back to the fourth article by TAY's secret group, The Pondlings. Just who are we? Doesn't matter anymore. I'm just surprised we reached our fourth issue. So to celebrate I'm choosing a cool topic that should get your juices flowing. ^_-

But before that...let us review the latest scoreboard.


Not too shabby Ottsel, seems you're being awfully nice to people lately. Oh and it looks like Crane is doing well but what's that "?" Interesting. I also see we have a new guest, cat! Welcome aboard!


So without further ado let us begin...

The SunTAY© Morning Pondling Debate (Issue 04).

Our topic today: Pirates. What? No I mean Piracy. A classic topic no less. Let's keep it open and discuss all kinds of piracy. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it's harming industries? Do you feel entitled to pirating a copy because you already bought it? Does DLC make you want to stick a middle finger up to the game developers and pirate their games as punishment?

Tell us! It's such an old argument but certainly one that has no true answer.

So Piracy...With the internet in full force it's pretty easy nowadays to just download stuff that normally costs money. Companies have tried to fight it, others have accepted it and some clever clogs have even released a free version on purpose in the hopes people will pay once they've enjoyed it.


What do you think about it? Are you a true pirate who sails the sea? Is there a King of the Pirates amongst you? Do you think there's a right and wrong time to do it?



Koi: ♪ "Yar Har Fiddle Tee Dee, being a pirate is alright to be, do what you want cause a pirate is free, you arrrrrrr a pirate." ♫

Classic song no less. It has brought me many laughs (Here's a version for TUT) but let's be serious for a moment.


I think that for the most part, piracy is wrong. When a game studio is working on their game for several years and then it doesn't make a profit the studio is closed down and people lose their jobs. Of course to say piracy is the main cause would be naive, there's a whole lot more going on in the background. Even professionals make mistakes.

However I do feel that it is ok to download a pirated copy IF you've bought the original. Why would someone do that? Well some people prefer to have a virtual copy, especially in this day and age when CD's are becoming obselete. But some argue that you're downloading a seperate copy, doesn't matter if you paid. You own that single copy and you're not entitled to two.


I was quite fascinated by a game that sneakily punished players who download it. I've read that the game developers removed bridges in their game so players couldn't progress. Quite amusing really.

I also heard one indie game developer actually released his own torrent and welcomed it. Despite that, it actually raised him a lot of money because people respected his honesty. So to resist is futile? Maybe...


So is it harming industries? I don't think so. I think it takes a % of the pie sure, but if a game is good and well made then I think people respect that and pay with their hard earned cash. Perhaps more games need demos or maybe they should release games in sections, pay $5 for an hours gameplay or something and if you want more, keep paying.


(Great movie, makes me want to watch it again arrrrrr :D)

So overall I don't think it can be beaten to be honest. If a system is made by a human, it can be undone by another. And despite the rules people quite often break them because they can. I hope it doesn't deter studios from making PC games because Steam is doing really well these days and makes it a lot harder for people to crack. It's still possible, just not as easily as non steam games.


So how do you feel about it?



Ottsel: I have done my fair share of crimes in the past, Emulation? Yes, Movies? Yes, Music? Yes, even modding my consoles.

Why have you done it? Didn't have the resources to get them. That's not an excuse? Well living for most part of my life in an underdeveloped country, having foreign exchange control the limited amount of dollars per year has decreased over time, first it was ten thousand, then five, now you're lucky if you manage to get two thousand!

So why didn't you buy the games in your country? Even if I had the money, the cost of video games over here is around four times the price in the US.

Well what about your travels? Maybe you could have bought some games... Well I did buy games when I travelled, but what about those games that became extinct? How do I get around those?

Don't you feel guilty? Actually yes, and I have done my best to repay the wonderful minds behind the games I once "stole", whenever I get the opportunity, I buy the product.

Look it's not easy coming out on saying this, but I was raised in a society that doesn't appreciate the weird things about the world outside, being in a conservative environment, the options to find entertainment were quite limited, this is a country where none of the Cornetto Trilogy movies have come out! Not even in cable! People still question video games as a form of entertainment so spending thousand of Dollars on them is a travesty! Plus in this country we are encouraged to pirate stuff, we have a black market for this kind of stuff, that's where you can get the rare masterpieces! But there are street vendors every few corners selling you a bootleg CD or a Screener version of the latest Academy Award Winning movie! Heck even the government tell us to boycott the US and buy pirated copies!

I have changed though... Ever since I started living in the US I have stopped doing that, If I can't get my hands on a good offer for a game I just keep waiting (I'm looking at you The Last of Us), music? Oh my... I have spent thousands in the past ten years! Movies? Well I don't love going out to the Movies, so I always wait for the DVD/Blu-ray release, or just wait for Netflix or any other service =)

But there are still things that not even money can get me (and I'm not willing to pay $200 for a copy of a rare game), or when there's an international release of a new album, but due to distribution rights they never get released on this side of the world. If I have the means of getting them, then I will do it, I hate being late to a party, and the way the internet is today, even being a minute late can ruin your experience, in consequence I might pirate it for the first few days, but whenever I can get my hands on an original I will definitely buy it!



Crane is away this week :<

Thank you for reading and to the non-pondlings, we welcome your discussion.

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