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Hello and welcome back to the sixth article by TAY's secret group, The Pondlings. I have returned to host this thread in honour of The Pondlings and it feels good to be back!

First of all let us review the latest scoreboard.

Holy moly that's a lot of stars Ottsel. But watch out, Crane is catching up...however the others are no match for you...but that could change. So don't get lazy now!


So without further ado let us begin...

The SunTAYΒ© Morning Pondling Debate (Issue 06).

Our topic today: Anime OP/END. That's right! It's another music themed thread but with a twist. Over the years anime has had some killer songs used in their openings and endings. Some would argue they can make or break an anime...So I ask you, do you have several favourite openings you'd like to share?


But you must explain why you like them. Or perhaps you want to share some bad ones...Is there such a thing as a bad anime opening / ending?

Since Odin is busy, busy I chose this topic to wake him up. So go ahead! Post as many Youtube vids as you like! Maybe one of you likes the Ergo Proxy opening ;) Let us wake Odin up together and bring back the ANITAY!



Crane: Hmm, anime OP/endings… I have to admit, I often just skip past these now when I’m watching anime! I’ll watch them once, then for future ones just roll past (often I’m watching a lot of episodes in one go so it saves on a lot of time!). So for me to keep listening to it, it has to be pretty good, or from one of the older ones I watched where I was a bit more relaxed with my time and didn’t bother skipping things!

So, my first has to be this from FMA Brotherhood. It’s just really great! The singing is lovely and sweet but then you get that guitar coming in and rocking it up a bit. And then the chorus comes in… That chorus is so good that my sister made it her ring tone! :D

Next I go back to one of the early ones, Fruits Basket. Now this OP is so innocent. I remember listening to it a lot and trying to sing along with it, in fact I still remember the words…

Now this OP I used to always watch, mainly due to the awesome visuals! They look so cool and cute!

I love this OP! It really got me into the band, Abingdon Boys School. I don’t think I ever finished watching the anime though actually…



Koi: Another music topic! I love these...a unique twist there Mr Habboi. Well I've seen some really rubbish openings in my days but there are plenty of good tunes as well. And I always feel like an anime is made by the OP/END it uses. I always look forward to new ones as it introduces me to knew artists plus they help put you in the mood for whatever show you're watching. Without them...they feel hollow. And the ending is great for closure as well after all the fighting or deeply moving scenes! So starting off:

Hah I bet no one has heard this one...

The actual show is quite poor and the manga is a lot better but that doesn't mean the OP is bad. I like it. Very dark and different. I especially love the brutality it evokes and the way the blood at 0:53 causes the evil face...totally awesome. It's quite sadistic actually, the scenes it is depicting are made worse when you know what they are about. But I especially love the female singer...her voice is so..deep? Sorta drones a bit and it almost reflects the savage images being thrown in our faces.

Hah let's move on to something more cheery. I'd be amazed if anyone has seen this show as well. Who doesn't like a cartoon piggy!? Well HEY JIMMY loves him. The lyrics make NO sense but they flow so well with the song! It's quite an upbeat song for a show that depicts the struggle to take life. If you've seen the show you know it often has a positive mood but when things get serious you feel the sudden switch, the darkness and truth of the times back then. Hell looking at this now after seeing the brutal ending is weird...

This one is a favourite of mine. The very first ending to Yu Yu Hakusho! And what a stylish ending it is! Very 90's...maybe even 80's? Yes I did link the English version. I prefer it to the Japanese one. From the stylish use of colour to reflect each characters personality to the moving bit at 0:39, it's full of emotion and perfectly reflects the shows mood. Seeing the panning at the end always makes me feel strangely hollow...

This one always makes me feel sad...I love sunsets which already evokes a feeling of closure to the day but I also lost a cat on the day I was listening to this and it always brings back those memories. Despite that it's a great tune and fun to sing along to!

Finally I'll close with a nice upbeat song. In fact I'm nearly at the end of Yu Yu Hakusho and this last ending always fills me with a mix of emotions. It's nice to see the characters together and to see how much they've changed since the early episodes.


The panning of clouds at 0:24 always sends shivers down my spine. I have a strange fascination with cloud panning and the patterns they leave. Almost like watching fire. If you've seen the ending you know it ends on the beach so the ending here is quite fitting and it's nice to see the daytime change according to the characters posing there. Perhaps a reference to the first ending. And then it ends on a sunrise...brilliant. Even more amazing is as I wrote this, the sun started shining through my window in sync to the song...

Well I hope you enjoyed my song choices. I'm interested in hearing which OP/END's you like and why they mean a lot to you :)



Ottsel: Whoah... now you caught me in an awkward position... I have to admit, I'm not adept in anime, nor in their openings, I had to dig around the past to search for some songs that I used to like back then...Oh the nostalgia...I might start watching Rurouni Kenshii again...

All of OP for the series were quite lighthearted compared to the theme of the series, and the development to the plot, but it's funny cause they also reflect the lighter parts of the anime.

If I have to choose only one of the OP then I have to go for the second OP of the series 1/2 One Half by Makoto Kawamoto, the arrangement themselves won me back then, and now that I've heard it like a thousand times for research purposes, well... I'm just saying if this can get the Rhythm Heaven songs out of my head, then I believe it does a good job, right? (Here's the full song for the opening)

Moving on from Rurounin Kenshii... I believe that Crane mentioned the OP for FMA Brotherhood, so I won't revisit that one =) sooo... ummm yeah Detroint Metal City, a series about a simple guy becoming the front man of a Death Metal Band that sings lyrics about killing your parents....

What a perfect opening to give you the wrong idea hahaha xD it's so ridiculous and the lyrics hahaha, I mean it's ridiculous once you know the plot of the series, and how the singer is divided between his life as a rockstar and his daily routine.

Is there a better way to set the tone for Attack on Titan?... no really I'm waiting....


And finally, might a little biased about this last one but the OP for Michiko to Hatchin

Paraiso by this band... ummm I believe it's called SOIL&PIMP"SESSIONS" ha! so yeah I'm a little biased for this song, I heard it before I watched the anime, but it's a pretty good song anyway, although I have to admit... if the OP lasted around 180 seconds instead of the 81 that are featured in the video above, it would be much, much better ^.^


Honorable mention:

The OP for Cromartie High School, no matter how many times I saw this one, I've always found myself singing the lyrics.


So yeah I'm all about OP and nothing about the ED, I guess I always moved on from finishing one episode to start the other one, so yeah endings are ignored a lot... sorry guys =( here's a monkey playing the tambourine ^.^


Thank you for reading and to the non-pondlings, we welcome your discussion.

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