Last week, I sent my Switch out for repairs after realizing that its game card reader was not reading game cards. It took a short wait, but yesterday afternoon, after a knock on the front door, there it was! And look!! The repairs took effect!

This calls for some celebratory song and dance.

But the Switch came back

It took eight days

The Switch came back

Was scared it was a GoNNER

But the Switch came back

It’s time to play some more fun games!!

From top to bottom, it was a seamless, painless experience. Call customer support at night, get the UPS shipping label emailed at the end of the call, drop the Switch and game cards off at a UPS store the day after—which printed the labels and packed everything on-site for a little fee—receive an email that Nintendo received the hardware, receive another email a few days later that it was being shipped home, and finally wait another few days for it to arrive.

There were pretty much no headaches throughout all that time, only the need to have a little patience. In world of electronics entertainment that’s chock full of nightmarish technical support stories (like this), Nintendo of America seems to have nailed at least this one thing down to an art form. That makes me incredibly happy to say.

That’s pretty much about it, so for the rest of this post, allow me to indulge in one of the all-time great pastimes: Shipment packing humor.

I had only sent out the switch unit and a couple of games in a Ziploc bag, yet they all returned to me in way too big of a box. Whenever something like that happens, the only way to reconcile such a discrepancy between the size of what was sent and the size of the box is, of course, with way too many foam packing peanuts.


The game cards in a little bag taped to the top of the box, like prey glued to a spider’s web, was also a nice little detail.

Somewhere in that sea of white and one random speck of pink was my Switch. I’d have to spelunk through it to acquire the prize.


...this is going to take a slight bit.

But wait, what’s this?


That differently textured material! Could it be?!

It could!! Let’s get it out of that sleeve!


And OF COURSE it’s in a clear plastic bag. This whole thing is like a Kinder egg encased in a nesting doll of other Kinder eggs. I mean, yes, the more assurances in place to ensure that this advanced piece of technology does not get damaged, the better, and I do appreciate that! But then it becomes an amusing pain in the ass to actually unwrap!

That’s better.

Also included inside was an envelope containing all of the receipts and notices about the repair that took place.


I cannot help but respect their dedication to over-packaging. Amazon will just throw their receipts and shit in the box without care or fanfare, but not Nintendo! Nintendo goes the extra mile.

In any case, glad to have you back, soldier. It puts me at ease, knowing with near certainty that you will be ready to answer the call to decipher that cartridge with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on it.