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Stock photos are funny. Why would you end up under a pile of empty boxes?

This weekend I moved. Like all moves it was stressful for a variety of reasons. My primary form of relieving stress is reading and video games, but usually when I’m moving I’m unable to play games quickly because they require unpacking, plugs, an internet connection, etc. Today’s move, however, was my first real move with my Nintendo Switch.

Usually when I’m all moved in there’s an inevitable scramble of setting up my PC. I’ve been a PC gamer for longer than anything else and setting up a PC can take a while, especially if it gets knocked around in the move and I have to take the case off and check the inside - something that’s happened to me a couple times. Not only do I need to plug everything in, including peripherals, I also probably need an internet connection. I could theoretically play games offline but there are updates so frequently on game launchers that I get a little paranoid about losing save data or something getting messed up.


Moving with my Switch was such a relief. I played it on the train down to meet with my movers at my new apartment. I played it right after the movers left lying on my mattress wrapped in a plastic bed bug cover. I played it as I cooked pasta using a plastic fork because I couldn’t remember where I put my cooking utensils and I was starving. I played it while the Optimum internet guy took almost 3 hours to set up my internet.

Finally, 12 hours after I started my move this morning, my PC is set up and I write this article. Over those 12 hours I played Mechstermination Force, Cuphead, Final Fantasy VII, and I bought Contra Anniversary Collection to play with a friend. It helped me deal with a really personally stressful move and reminded me to do what makes me happy. Thanks again, Nintendo, for making such an easy to use hybrid console.

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