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I'm really feeling it!
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The Switch Is The Best Game Console For When You Move Part 2

As I wrote two weeks ago I recently moved. My apartment has been slow to come together - I’ve set up everything I can for now, but because I still don’t have most of my furniture I can’t decorate because I don’t know what the layout will be yet. The worst part of all that is that I still don’t have a couch and therefore no place to sit and relax outside of my bed.

I’m fortunately getting some nice furniture for free from a relative who passed away recently but it won’t be coming for another month. This means I’ll be living in a near-empty apartment for 6 long weeks. It can’t be overstated just how important your living situation is. It’s where you spend a huge portion, if not the majority, of your life. It has a serious affect on your mental health, your energy, and your day to day mood. Waking up every day to boxes and empty walls has been really depressing.

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Thankfully - I have my Switch. I have a TV but I can’t really play it docked because I have to sit on the floor to do so. A friend living nearby lent me a simple folding chair but, honestly, that makes it almost more depressing because it’s so uncomfortable. Playing my Switch in bed isn’t ideal but it allows me to escape and relax and do something I love in an otherwise empty home. I can also play it while taking a nice long bath, something I do regularly to destress.


A lot of times moving is more than just the couple of days moving into one place and out of another. It’s weeks of unpacking, buying missing items, organizing your new place, decorating a new space, and since moves often accompany major life changes it can mean building a new life. You gotta surround yourself with stuff you love, and the ease of using the Switch in all this turmoil has really helped me pass the time and relieve some tension.

Now, I’m off to go play some more Phoenix Wright.

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