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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 1

Game: Phase

Time to Play: 5 minutes

To kick off our Advent calendar, here’s a short dimension-hopping puzzle game called Phase.


In Phase, you wake up to find that you’ve overslept. Relatable. Your friend is waiting outside for you to go out, however unfortunately the door is closed. But don’t worry, because you’re able to… phase through dimensions?

I really loved the premise of this game. The only objective given to the player is simply to leave their room. There’s very little at stake for either character in the game.

However, the main mechanic, that you are a little quantum leaper entering increasingly weird parallel universes, is the total opposite of banal. It’s like the super-powered Doctor Strange using his powers to grab another beer from the fridge.


The game is essentially a maze; one in which you find the solution vertically as opposed to laterally. The puzzle comes as you try to find just the right spot for your avatar to phase up or down into another dimension. It’s not particularly difficult, often simply a case of trial and error, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Phase is a short game - 5 minutes max - however its core idea is impressively replayable, and I had fun with both a second and third playthrough.


So here are some questions that we might want to chat about below:

  • What other dimension-travelling games have you played?
  • Do any other games pair up everyday objectives with extraordinary mechanics?
  • What time did you get you of bed this morning?

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