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The TAY Advent Calendar: Day 11

Game: Goblins 2 Go

Time to Play: <5 Minutes.

Created by the same people who made the brilliant Snipperclips on Nintendo Switch, this is a game about genetically engineering Goblins for a relentless consumer society that only wants the best. And it’s so cute and fun about it.


You play as a little sorceress, who has a willing supply of goblins to will jump into her cauldron. Various customers then turn up, and ask for a specific Goblin-type to be made. Using your selection of potions, you need to pour just the right amount into the goblin-filled cauldron, to fulfil their order. Take one of your base Goblin squares, and make them into the monster they can be!

There is not fail-state, or overriding objective in Goblins 2 Go. Much like Morning Post which we discussed last week, the game is simply about having fun with the tools given to you. Just add a touch of Buff Boy, a little bit of Hench Haunch, with a dash of Long Long Legs, and you’ve got yourself a lanky powerhouse Goblin, with a cute little smile on his face.

Brilliantly, each Goblin you make is graded on a percentage scale, to see how close you are to your customers brief. However, most of the fun here is with the failures that you make.


Quueeessstion time:

  • What was the best Goblin you made? (I managed to get an 84% match with one)
  • When creating a character in a game, what habits do you have? Do you make them look like you, or do you go crazy with the editor to see what you can make?
  • ‘Sugar, Spice and all things nice’, but what are you made of?

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